Monday, March 28th

Victor ends his case by telling the jury that he has bent the law to protect his family. After the Judge schools the jury that they must be convinced beyond a reason doubt to convict Victor of kidnapping and fraud, Nikki races into the hallway. When Nick follows, Nikki fears that Victor will walk – and we’ll all face retribution.

Nick hates that his Mom was humiliated on the stand – but did you drink? Well yes, but Nick should focus on his family – and the baby on the way.

Sage, Faith and Shawn come downstairs covered in paint from the nursery. Faith is sad that Shawn won’t be there when they bring the baby home. Sage pulls her first of many sour faces today.

The Judge and jury having left the courtroom, the crowd gathers to take jabs at Victor. You hate us all, Vikki claims. Phyllis thinks Victor out of his mind. Adam says Victor has a warped sense of the truth.

What does Chris think? She’s pissed – you blew it and have only yourselves to blame. If Victor walks free it’s because Mike was emotionally blackmailed into risking his career. Once Phyllis is left alone with Jack, she does NOT want to hear his ‘I told you so’s’.

Shawn assures Faith that she’s happy that her baby will grow up in her family, with her as a big sister. When Faith asks about the baby’s name, Sage assumes Shawn hasn’t thought about that. Oh, but Shawn has. Sage is not happy.

As all gather outside the courtroom, the trial is debated. Summer defends Luca for telling the truth. As Adam and Chelsea listen, Nikki wishes they’d taken the deal Victor offered Adam (who’s the only one convinced that Victor will be found guilty)

Shawn would like the baby named after her grandpa, Big Dave; the only one she felt safe and loved with. As Sage agrees to ‘David’, Nick walks him. And it’s his turn to look pissed.

Jack and Phyllis butt heads – he regrets going along with the plan. Phyllis doesn’t and would do it all over again. You’re pushing your family, friends and ME away! Jack reduces Phyllis to tears. I’m suffering, she’d do anything to tear Victor apart. After she runs out sniffling, Billy appears. No sentence Victor could receive will satisfy her, Jack complains to his bro.

Vikki visits Victor in the aptly named visiting room. What will her Dad do if released? Will he give her any options? That depends on you, Victor replies.

If Vikki can forgive Victor, he will forgive her. And then she’s to support him being reinstated at NE. It’ll be more lies and deception, Vikki knows. Yes, business as usual and anyone who opposed Victor will be escorted off the premises and disowned. I guess you lied to the jury about loving me, Vikki decides. Victor gets all misty eyed. He’s never stopped loving Vikki, but this is business. He’s then left to look all sad and forlorn.

Now at home, Chelsea’s proud of Adam for turning down Victor’s offer to run NE. It’s all over. It IS over, right????