Friday, March 25th

Chris closes – Victor may have touched the jury’s hearts – make them think – but he did not, and can not deny the facts. Victor Newman broke the law and hurt numerous people. Justification doesn’t matter, his DEEDS matters. Convict this man who thinks he’s above the law before he hurts any more people he claims to love.

Victor can’t deny the facts – Chris is 100% right. The facts are that his company and family were attacked. I did everything in my power to stop it. I went beyond the bounds of the law and stepped on some toes. He then talks about being left on the steps of an orphanage; a desolate place. You learn to fight to survive. Victor fought to become successful. Family meant everything to me. I would do ANYTHING to protect them. Yes, I’ve broken the law, but because of deep love for his family; my reason for being. In tears, Victor doesn’t want to play on the jury’s sympathies. I wait your judgment.

Next: Oh God, he’s going to get away with it, Nikki worries. We don’t know that, Nick replies … I guess everything you said about loving me in the courtroom isn’t true then, Vikki asks her Dad…You’re consumed by this. You’re pushing family and friends away – you’re pushing ME away.


My Thoughts: I don’t even know where to begin with this kangaroo court. Even with my minimal knowledge from watching Suits and Law & Order, I can see the absurdity. I can’t imagine how torturous it is for anyone studying or practicing law. Yes, worry about Victor only having to ‘convince one juror that he’s innocent’. It’s even worse than that. The onus is on the prosecution to prove him guilty. One juror only needs to find reasonable doubt, that it’s possible that it’s innocent …. Abraham Lincoln was right; He who represents himself has a fool for a client …. I’m glad Adam pointed it out for the jury. A smug Victor was all but sneering as he spoke of Jack’s ‘precious integrity’ … As for the jury’s heartstrings being pulled, I’d be more inclined to sympathize with Phyllis; she was very compelling on the stand. How can they just continue court without any having to redo any of the paperwork? Are they just crossing Mike’s name off everything? Will nothing come of the accusations against Mike? And why didn’t he immediately deny the accusations as absurd; a desperate 11th hour Hail Mary attempt by a man very recently on Victor’s payroll – AND his visitor list your Honour! (despite Victor telling Summer she’s his only visitor). Why is Luca immediately believed? Why is he allowed to take the stand when he wasn’t on Chris’ witness list? … So, Noah doesn’t believe that Luca went to Victor out of the goodness of his heart. Yet is willing to believe he overheard about this conspiracy? You’d think Noah would believe Mike (or anyone) over Luca …. Chris isn’t exactly making a great case either; why not have Ben testify about Kelly to pull some heart strings? Have him talk about burying someone else’s ashes. Chris could also put Noah on the stand to talk about Courtney. Even Summer should be good for a few tears over her gotten her BFF and almost SIL (of not her cheating husband) … Now Victor has a nose for vodka? He knows the ‘telltale signs’ the others may have missed? Oh – like the signs he missed for months last time Nikki fell off the wagon. Nice of him to throw that in her face. Yes, that’ll show the jury what a kind hearted man Victor is. Why didn’t Nikki deny she was drinking? … All this talk of family makes me wonder why Daniel hasn’t returned to support his Mom (and set his silly sister straight) Odd that the press aren’t clamouring for photos and statements .. Yes, Nikki, everyone knows you were a stripper. They also know you’re an alcoholic. Which makes it surprising that any bartender would serve you; let alone in the restaurant Victor owns… Shut up Jack! How can Phyllis possibly forgive Victor when he’s never even said he’s sorry – let alone ask for her forgiveness?.. Oh boo hoo – Victor grew up in an orphanage. Nikki grew up being molested by her own Father.