Monday, March 28th

Shawn fetches Nick a beer and asks how court was. She confides that her Dad threw her out when she got pregnant, so has a dismal outlook on families. It’s the small kindnesses and surrounding yourself with the right people, Nick claims. That’s the sweetest thing, Shawn chokes up. Sage arrives to find Nick holding her hand. Again, she’s NOT amused.

Both standing, Nick tells Sage he was assuring Shawn that there are happy endings. After he gets a text and leaves, Sage heads upstairs to ‘work’ – but then comes down to hear Shawn talking to L’il Dave – hoping he can forgive her for walking away. For once, Sage doesn’t look all grim.


Bily warns Phyllis against revenge. If she kills Victor, her own life is over – and think of what it’ll do to Jack, Summer, Daniel and Lucy (yes, their lives would be so ruined) Phyllis doesn’t know how to end these feelings – what’s wrong with me? she weeps in Billy’s arms (as Vikki appears unseen)

Jack’s next good deed is to try relieve Nikki of her glass of vodka at the club’s bar. Nikki lashes out, blaming Jack, then immediately apologizes. I’m so scared, she confides.

As Chelsea comes downstairs, Adam’s glued to the TV news. Victor Newman faces the possibility of prison time for fraud and kidnapping, and his family has abandoned him – could this be the beginning of the end for the Newmans?

A guard leans in to tell Victor that the jury has reached a verdict.

Next: Vikki tells Jack that she went to Billy’s place and he was there with Phyllis. You think those two are up to something? Jack’s eyes widen…. Victor stands as the Judge reads; on the counts of kidnapping and fraud, the jury finds you ….