Tuesday, March 29th

In the courtroom, Victor hugs Abby and Summer. If, no WHEN he walks out of here, he wants just these two by his side.

At the club, Nikki’s scared. Scolding her for looking for courage in a bottle, Jack asks what she’s most afraid of – Victor being sent to prison? Of course – what else could it be? Dad getting off, Nick arrives to answer.

At Billy’s, Phyllis cries in his arms – what’s wrong with me? Am I interrupting something? Vikki walks in. What’s she doing here? Catching them alone together – again. At least Billy has his pants on this time. It’s not what you’re thinking, Billy assures.

Lauren joins a depressed Mike on the CL’s patio. The press are hounding him – he gambled his career, lost – and isn’t sure what to do next.

Even if Victor goes free, it’ll take a miracle to save Newman Enterprises now, the TV broadcaster reports. Adam assures Chelsea that he’s done with NE either way, but looks worried when the reporter announces that the verdict is in.

Chelsea thinks Adam needs to be in the courtroom to see Victor being carted off to prison – for closure. Adam agrees and will face it alone. We must prepare ourselves for the slight chance Victor goes free.

Mike just got off the phone with the bar association (who’ve already started his disbarment) Go ahead and say it; I told you so. Lauren supported her husband then and now – she should have tried to talk him out of it. Mike would do it again – his only regret is underestimating Victor.

Still alone in the courtroom, Victor gives Abby and Summer a pep talk – his beautiful, bright girls will have brilliant lives, even with him in prison. The rest of the family will rip itself apart until there’s nothing left.

Nikki’s annoyed to learn that Jack called Nick to pick his lush of a Mother? And where is ‘home’ son? Oh how many times Victor supported her – and she betrayed him. Jack and Nick won’t let Nikki blame herself. Hearing the verdict is on, Nikki will need that coffee after all – I’m gonna need it!

Phyllis has become someone she’s not proud of – she has regrets no one understands. Except Billy, Vikki sneers. Thanking Billy for talking her off the ledge, Phyllis will leave them to talk. Nevermind the house decor, Vikki’s there for two reasons; the Newman/Abbott feud must end. The other reason? A house warming present (she puts the engagement ring in his hand and marches out)

Back on the patio, Mike suggests they turn the day into a celebration. Celebrate what? Freedom from being a lawyer. From this moment on, all this is yours all the time, Mike jokes as he hugs Lauren.

Now at the courthouse, Nick reassures his Mom. Vikki’s apology is accepted. Chris advises all to take a seat. Adam arrives to ask Jack if he can sit with him. We’ll save you a seat if you change your mind, Nick says. Jack tells Adam to go ahead – he’s waiting for Phyllis. And it seems your family is waiting for you. Phyllis arrives with Billy – she just needed some time to herself. Billy is just dropping Phyllis off (he has no interest in hearing the verdict)