Monday, March 28th

When Nick doesn’t seem enthused when Sage announces the baby will be named David, Shawn says they don’t have to. Nick had expectations; to paint the nursery and name the baby. But David it is, he agrees. Offering to take Faith back to Sharon’s, Sage leaves Nick to try wipe paint off Shawn’s cheek (as she looks up at him with doe eyes)

At Top of the Tower, Noah defends his stunned Grandma (who faces Vikki’s wrath for drinking today of all days – like she wanted Victor to win)

Noah continues to try keep the peace, knowing it’s Victor she’s really angry at. Needing to be alone, a hurt Nikki understands that Vikki feels empty; Victor’s made her feel that way for years.

Back at the penthouse, Adam assures Chelsea that it’s over. Victor’s going to prison. He’ll suck you back in, Chelsea worries. No, never again, Adam vows with a kiss.

Arriving at the club, Noah pauses to gripe about his family being torn apart – and to thank her for loving him despite that. As they jog upstairs, Nikki comes through the revolving door and makes a beeline for the bar to order a vodka.

Jack joins Vikki as she sits alone at Top of the Tower. She relays Nikki leaving in a cab and is sorry she accused her Mom of breaking her sobriety to help Victor. I’m not exactly Daughter of the Year, she quips. When Jack sympathizes and wishes Billy and Phyllis had handled everything differently, Vikki wonders if Jack thinks Billy’s changed. He wanted to prove himself – to YOU, Jack answers.

Billy comes home to find Phyllis quite at home – drinking wine in his home. She thinks Victor might be the devil incarnate – he admitted to being guilty. Yet, the jury and even Vikki bought into it. Yes, Phyllis SHOULD be with Jack – but she’s here. Why do you think that is? she asks.

Jack and Vikki continue to discuss Billy. He’s not malicious like Phyllis. Jack also shares Vikki’s desire that he and Victor forgive and co-exist (which he’s able to do, Victor, not so much)

Billy thinks Phyllis is there because misery loves company. Phyllis admits that Jack’s right. Victor saw through their plan. She’s not sure how she’d handle him going free. I want to hurt him (physically) Billy thinks she won’t be able to move on until she forgives Victor; like he did Adam.