Tuesday, March 29th

All are tense as the Judge reads the jury’s verdict to himself then asks Victor to stand – Victor is found guilty as charged (kidnapping and fraud) Nikki gasps.

All are stunned. It’s what we wanted, Nick reminds his Mom. Victor’s given permission to say a few words. He expects no mercy. I am guilty – of loving those who’ve betrayed me and testified against me. Nikki flashes back to happier times (as do Nick, Vikki then Adam as Victor speaks of love, trust and respect) Victor wouldn’t change a damn thing. The Judge reminds that he’s on trial for his actions, not his love – then gives him 10 years.

Chelsea’s joined Billy at CL’s. He’s over his anger for Victor and Adam – and it’s over with Vikki (he shows her the ring she returned) How about you and Adam – is he walking away from NE? She’s not sure. They clink mugs to Victor being put in a cell.

You satisfied now? Victor asks Phyllis. Following her out, Chris is still pissed at Phyllis for being a crappy friend to Mike. I hope you’re proud of yourself. After Phyllis leaves, Jack asks Vikki if she’s OK and asks her to watch out for Nikki. You have your own family to worry about, Vikki tattles about finding Phyllis with Billy. I got a strange vibe. You think they’re up to something? Business? Yes, or something different, Vikki hedges. Jack’s left to scowl and puzzle.

At the club, Mike holds his champagne flute aloft for a toast. Lauren can’t quite celebrate. Phyllis comes over to say they’ll fight his disbarment. Lauren blames Phyllis for Mike losing his career. Phyllis is sorry and prays Mike doesn’t lose his license. Victor was sentenced to 10 years. Justice won. Sorry, Phyllis says again. The Baldwins are left to decide 10 years is not enough for what it’s cost us. Yes, Mike is afraid. If I’m not a lawyer, who am I?

Adam goes home to stun Chelsea with the news of Victor’s sentence. It was surreal. Chelsea doesn’t know what to say – how did Victor react? He didn’t. The family? Shock. And Adam? The demons and doubts are still there. No, Victor won’t serve his full sentence – it’s not the end.

Nikki wants to see Victor. Abby and Summer don’t think it a good idea. Nick either. Now in orange, Victor asks the guard for a minute with his family.