Tuesday, March 29th

Jack surveys the new decor at Billy’s new home (which Phyllis approves, Billy adds) Updating on the outcome of the trial, Jack’s sarcastic – he thought Phyllis would be here to celebrate. If you’ve got something to say, say it, Billy replies.

Lauren doesn’t love Mike for his law degree – you’re more than that framed piece of paper. Yeah, Mike knows it. Both manage to laugh through their tears. Whatever happens, Lauren will always be by Mike’s side. Yes, you would be lost without me.

Vikki implied something was going on between you and Phyllis – she got a strange vibe. Billy thinks it because of Passkey. No, she didn’t think it had to do with business. Because it didn’t, Phyllis appears to say.

We did what we thought was best for you – we love you, Nikki and Vikki tell Victor. Nick will take care of everyone; be the family Victor expects. Victor doesn’t have a family anymore – you’re all dead to me. Off he’s lead in handcuffs (without even acknowledging Abby and Summer; who stand aside from the other three.


Next: This is my moment, and I owe it all to you, Natalie gives Kevin a hug (which Mariah doesn’t like one bit) … Nick and Sage are in bed as he answers the phone. Sharon reports that Shawn’s in labour; we’re at CL’s. We’re on our way, Nick hangs up …

My Thoughts; Yay – I once again get to gripe about the lack of a security system at one of the most expensive houses in GC. Perhaps Billy should start locking his door since neither Phyllis or Vikki bother to knock. If Vikki doesn’t like finding Billy with Phyllis, stop coming over. Why wouldn’t Billy have the painters continuing to do the job he hired them for? It’s not quite dreary enough. This isn’t a good sign for anyone hoping to see more of Jill and/or Ester (but at least that means no Collin) … Again, I’m struck by the lack of reporters covering Victor’s trial. And for all Mike’s complaining about the press hounding him, they haven’t found him at the club … Victor might actually serve a few weeks of his sentence – while the rest of the Newman’s jostle for position at NE – but I doubt it’ll be 10 weeks, much less 10 years… Victor spent his last few moments lashing out at his immediate family – while completely ignoring his only supporters Abby and Summer … What does the future look like without you? Summer bleats. Well we already know that – just watch any of the past ‘classics’ in which we see life without Victor. Basically, everyone turns into complete a-holes … Victor was there to pick Nikki up ‘every time’? This isn’t even the first time she’d been ‘dead’ to him… And why does Nikki need Jack to order her coffee? Can’t she order her own? Does the club even have take out coffee cups? It’s not like Nikki has time to let it cool and sip it before the jury files back in.