Wednesday, March 30th

At the GCAC, Kevin, Mariah and Natalie discuss the impact of Victor going to prison – disowning his family – and Mike possibly being disbarred. Mariah worries Victor will still find a way to repay them betraying him also.

At the gloomy Estate, a suspicious Jack got the impression Vikki’s concern wasn’t about Billy doing business with Billy. Phyllis arrives to confirm that Vikki’s right – she walked in on something private – which Jack doesn’t want to know about.

Sage treats Shawn to a donut at CL’s – painting the nursery felt right. And here’s the adoption papers.

Nick drops by Sharon’s to update that his Mom’s drinking again. She’s also surprised to hear Victor was sentenced to 10 years. It’s not your fault, Sharon reassures. Nick worries his family won’t make it through this time.

Sharon continues to assure Nick that he did the right thing. He still feels guilty – Summer stood behind Victor. Maybe we could have found another way for Victor to face the consequences. Jack and Phyllis needed justice – you’re a better son that Victor deserves, she lists how Nick’s a better Father. The new baby will be lucky to have you. Nick hopes the adoption works out.

Shawn eyes the documents and pen – we can do this later, at the hospital. I won’t change my mind. You guys are the right parents. Sage is so excited to meet the baby they already love. Shawn will look the paperwork over. Getting a text, Sage leaves Shawn to eye the folder.

Did you guys steal another Internet company? Arrange another kidnapping? No, Phyllis tells Jack that Billy understands her fear that Victor would go free. No, he didn’t fan the flames – he advised her to forgive Victor. She came to Billy because he doesn’t judge her. Jack’s sorry his first instinct was to come down on Billy – but Phyllis can always come to him. Billy declines joining them for dinner – he needs some alone time (to flashback to kissing Phyllis)

Sharon’s now at CL’s to chat with Shawn. She knows it isn’t easy (then tells her about Cassie) You changed your mind, Shawn points out.