Wednesday, March 30th

Still at the club, Phyllis orders a drink and think about kissing Billy. Kevin, Mariah and Natalie arrive all excited about Passkey – Billy didn’t call you? He wants to make this happen ASAP. Phyllis knew he wouldn’t let her down.

Billy gets a visit from Jack – who tattles that Phyllis wants to destroy NE. Billy suggests releasing Passkey will distract her. A company we stole from NE?! Jack can now see that Billy’s bent on revenge too.

Cradling Sully, Sharon’s sorry she summoned Mariah to her place. I just wanted to help Nick – wanted him to have the joy of a baby again. But I made things worse. If I’m the reason Nick loses his baby…..

Nick and Sage are back in the hallway. He reassures that the baby will be fine. They then go to check on Shawn – David’s tiny but tough. He’s in an EQ. I want to see my son – NOW, Shawn demands.


As Natalie goes upstairs to work on her look, Phyllis thinks Billy consulted on how to present Passkey. Kevin thinks it should be Phyllis, Jack and Billy up there – two brothers and the woman who brought them back together.

Billy doesn’t see the issue – doesn’t Jack want to launch Passkey? Jack wants to look at the legalities of launching Passkey – and it’ll ruin any chance you have with Vikki. And what will this do to Phyllis? It’ll make her rich. Jack denies he’s afraid – he’s making rational decisions. Billy gets a call regarding his press conference – this will be the start of great things.

To the ultimate victory – to sweet revenge, Kevin and Phyllis clink champagne flutes.

Next: Shawn had the baby? Dylan comes home to ask. Safe and Nick might lose their little boy, and it’s my fault, Sharon pouts…. What aren’t you telling me? Is there something wrong with him? Shawn asks the Newmans…. In danger from what? Victor looks up from his book. From me, a convict brandishes some sort of little knife.