Wednesday, March 30th

Victor’s going to prison, Kevin’s not too worried about revenge. Mariah is – it’s not our fault or problem that Jabot now owns Passkey (which all are eager to release)

Seated at the club for dinner, Phyllis explains why her being with Billy might have set Billy off. I should have come home to you. Jack agrees that it’s time to put the past behind them. That is what you’re doing right?? It’s over. No, Phyllis plans to destroy Victor’s only reason to live; Newman Enterprises.

You’ve already tried to go after NE with Paragon, Jack doesn’t think she needs to do it again. This will eat you alive. Phyllis is determined – and will also protect her daughter from Victor. You sound like him, Jack warns she’ll also add HIM to her hit list.

At Billy’s, Kevin and his partners wonder why Billy’s not happier – Passkey is ready to go. They’re happy when Billy says there’s no need to wait til next week – let’s roll it out tonight.

The Cassie story is complicated, Sharon explains a bit. Shawn wonders if she regretted her decision. Never mind Nick and Sage – I don’t have anyone in my …. As Shawn doubles over moaning in pain, Sharon’s alarmed – is it the baby?!

In bed, Nick doesn’t want to talk about the trial (which is fine with Sage) Their kiss is interrupted by a call from Sharon. Shawn is in labour – meet us at GCM. We’re on our way, Nick hangs up. This is too soon, Sage worries it’s happening all over again.

Jack and Phyllis continue to butt heads – he wants to end this decades long war (which Vikki and Billy are willing to do) And what about NE’s employees? Hire them at Jabot, Phyllis vows she WON’T lose herself. Anyone who stands behind Victor’s empire is in her line of fire. Jack’s left to mull that over.

Billy leaves Phyllis a ‘call me’ message, then assures the Passkey gang that she’ll be excited too and he can persuade Jack. Natalie’s been waiting her whole life for her moment. Mariah rolls her eyes as she credits – then hugs Kevin.

As Nick and Sage barge in, Shawn OK’s Sage to stay. I’ll do anything to get you through this – trust me, Sage reassures as Sharon and Nick are in the hallway (Sharon blames herself for upsetting Shawn) Is this your fault? Sage comes out to snarl.

Sharon relays that Shawn asked about Cassie. You told her you regretted the adoption! You don’t want us to have this baby! Safe blames Sharon for Shawn being in labour. Nick calms Sage down and sends Sharon home with his thanks. This isn’t like Christian. The doctor comes out to say that the baby isn’t out of the woods. Taking Nick’s hand, Sage knows where neonatal is.