Tuesday, April 19th

Max shows off a gift for the baby (a ‘brother knows best’ bib) As he and Ester look for tape, Ashley and Neville load up the car – leaving Max to find a roll of fishing line, which he jams in his pocket.

Victor gripes about Adam refusing his opportunity to run NE. You have no sense of loyalty. Victor has another plan to keep his company afloat.

The Rayburns cuddle and joke in bed; praising one another to the baby in Abby’s belly. Oh how in love they are ~kiss~ Getting a call from Neville downstairs, he pretends he’s called in to work.

Now home, Sharon thanks Sage for babysitting. She admits she wasn’t at the dentist – but Dylan can’t know why she lied.

Attempting to cover her bruises, Nikki tries to get rid of Dylan (who insists she open the door) He doesn’t believe Nikki’s story that she caught her heel on a grate – stop lying.

Victor’s enlisting his loyal son, Nick. Adam scoffs – and wants to know why Victor sabotaged his job. You and I have issues, Victor says.

Nikki mopes about Victor refusing to see her on their anniversary. She feels so damn guilty. No, she’s not drinking now – she’s hiding because of her face. I couldn’t stay sober. I’m so sorry – I’ve broken your trust. No, Dylan reassures – just be honest. OK – Nikki’s been going to meetings and hasn’t drank today. I feel so alone, she cries. A sympathetic Dylan asks Nikki to come back to his and Sharon’s place.

Sharon’s not cheating on Dylan – she doesn’t want him to worry. I’ve been having dreams about Fairview, she confides. They compare notes on their dreams and wonder what happened between Dr Anderson and Patty that night. Dylan thinks Sharon should move on, but she can’t – not with these nagging questions about the day Sully was born.

Downstairs, Neville and Ben exchange apologies. The Father to be is in a good place – today’s a celebration. Ben then tells Max how proud he is of him – arranging this party shows a lot of compassion. Abby totally deserves it, Max replies.