Tuesday, April 19th

Victor reminds Adam that he’d be the one in prison if he didn’t pull strings. This is all because you unleashed Paragon. You’re the guilty one! Wallow in it and stop harassing me! Dad! Dad! Adam calls – as Victor heads back to his cell. The prison shrink enters to speak to Adam about his Father. We know each other, Adam narrows his eyes.

You and your Father attended a judicial benefit, Adam recalls. Dr Gates knows Adam’s meeting with Victor didn’t go well – he misses his family. That man is the most ruthless person Adam’s ever met – especially to his family.

Nikki doesn’t think it’d be a good idea to move in with Dylan, given her history with Sharon. It’s just too close. Dylan insists – he and Sully would both love more time with her. Nikki agrees – but warns that she and Sharon won’t get along.

Sharon relays her chat with nurse Steven’s boyfriend. Sage doesn’t agree with Dylan’s opinion that she should drop it – that’s the last thing you should do.

Ashley calls up to Abby – yes, Max is just fine – but can I drop him off with you. Sure, our kids come first, Abby agrees. As Lily, Neville and Ashley file into the restaurant, Max runs his clear line across the stairs.


Due to her past mental health issues, Sharon sometimes doubts herself. Sage thinks there’s a reason they’re both having dreams – so will help her find answers to put both their minds at ease.

In his cell, Victor flashes back to talking to Adam’s urn (when he was presumed dead)

Adam can’t agree with Dr Gates – Victor’s a master manipulator – everything he does is for a reason. Ahh – Adam realizes Victor was baiting him by saying Nick’s the good son. Watch your back, he warns as he makes a quick exit.

Hey you two, Abby comes down the stairs – then screams as she tumbles. Ben, Lily and Neville run to her side. Max smirks with satisfaction.

Next: Did you come to see the baby? Sharon asks Nikki (arriving with Dylan – Sage also still there) Nikki’s going to be staying with us, Dylan says. Sharon does not look thrilled … At GCM, Ashley knows Neville doesn’t think the baby’s going to make it…. As Max hides the fishing line in his pocket, Lily appears (with Ben) What are you doing? she asks.