Thursday, April 21st

Sharon gets Wes talking about his girlfriend; she was accused of assisting older patients to an early death. They called her the Angel of Death. Angela started seeing a shrink at Fairview. She really helped her. There’s nothing his girlfriend wouldn’t do for that woman.

At CL’s, Nick’s been thinking about the nurse telling them that Christian was gone. 2016 has been one calamity after another. A wise man told Sage that in the blink of an eye, it can all turn around. I love you. I love you too. Sage gets a call from Sharon – can you talk!? She’s learned something huge about nurse Stevens. Join us – we should all stick together at a time like this, Sage says.

Ashley gives Ben a hug, then goes in to see Abby. Wishing she knew what to say, Vikki leaves Dylan to encourage his friend. Take the grief with you – eventually, it gets better. Max comes running in with the Ashby’s. As Father and son walk off, Dylan tells the Ashby’s that there won’t be an investigation – sometimes bad things just happen.

As Vikki’s on the phone with the sitter, Billy and Jack arrive. Updated on Ben and Abby, Billy manages to make a point that he doesn’t have a lot of ‘hope’ either.

Ashley hugs Abby – you’re young and strong – you can have another baby. I want THIS one, Abby wonders if she’s even meant to be a Mother. Maybe I’m not strong or wise enough. Ashley’s sure she is – you loved the baby inside you and you won Max over. Trust your instincts.

Ben gives Max a talk. We’re hurting but it’ll get better, he promises. As Max turns away looking devastated, Ben says ‘talk to me – what’s going on?’

At CL’s, Sharon chats with Nick and Sage before asking to speak to Sage privately about work stuff. She’s surprised when Dylan appears – and he seems a bit pissed that she’s not home with the baby and Nikki. What are you doing here?

Nikki’s sleeping and Sharon found another sitter – everything’s OK. As Dylan updates Nick that Nikki and Sharon aren’t getting along, the ladies are on the patio agreeing to keep their investigation of nurse Stevens a secret. Per Wes, Nurse Stevens owed Dr Anderson a lot – her sanity, her career. That’s a lot of IOU’s – what did Dr Anderson cash them in for?

You’re feeling guilty, Ben suspects. How’d you know? Max replies. It’s normal – you wished Abby wasn’t part of our lives – maybe that she and the baby weren’t here. But your wishes didn’t cause this. It was an accident. You’re a good kid; kind and loving. Don’t blame yourself – you did nothing wrong. Before leaving with the Ashby’s, Max gives his Dad a card he made for Abby, then shrugs Cane off – he’s not ready to leave.

Ashley talks to Ben in the hallway. No, she won’t leave her daughter – she’s broken. Promising to fix her, Ben lets Ashley weep in his arms. I should be comforting you, not the other way around – go be with your wife. She’s then left to cry on Jack. After an awkward moment, Vikki walks away from Billy.

The Angel of Death? Yup, but according to Wes, nurse Stevens was wrongfully accused, Sharon tells Sage. But what did Dr Anderson get out of helping her? Their chat is interrupted by Nick and Dylan – we should get home to Sully. And Nikki, Sharon adds as she agrees to give Sully a hug from Sage.

Abby had a dream – she was pushing a child on a swing. I was so happy – but the swing was empty. Ben knows that one day it won’t be a dream. It’ll happen, he promises. He’s taking her home in the morning. And here’s a card from Max – he’s been worried. ‘Forget me not’ he’s printed inside. Abby looks horrified.

Jack tells Ashley that Billy’s still fired – our little brother’s relationship issues are now bleeding into mine. Problems with Phyllis? Ash could use the distraction. Life is short, Jack just hopes Billy realizes that before it’s too late.