Thursday, April 21st

Vikki actually knocks on Billy’s front door this time. She wants to make sure he’s OK. Abby’s loss must bring back the loss of Delia; coming back to this empty house …. Billy appreciates that – but I’m not your problem anymore. He stops Vikki from leaving – don’t go.

Billy admits that Delia is on his mind – she loved this house. Vikki thinks that she lives in this house, in the tree they planted in the park – and she lives in you. Declining a drink, Vikki has to get home, leaving Billy alone to stare at a photo of him and Delia.

Ashley asked Jack about him and Phyllis, not Billy. He manages to steer the subject to Abby instead. Ashley just knows that Ben will one day walk out of a hospital room to declare her a grandmother ~hug~

Those words – forget me not? As if we could ever forget our daughter, Abby murmurs. She’d be Daddy’s little girl. Max opens the door to poke his head in as they hug.

Nick notes that Sage seems almost serene. Maybe, after all we’ve lost, she has reason for hope – she won’t let that go ~hug~

Napping on the couch, Sharon flashes back to Patty covering her mouth – DR Anderson will kill me if she found out I was here. There’s no baby. You’re NOT pregnant! That’s not possible! Sharon sits up in bed to grab her flat belly. Sharon now awakens to see Dylan holding Sully. We’re so blessed to have you in our lives, he coos.


Next: I hope things go well for you – take care. Do you dream about the baby? Patty says as Sharon stands … You said we were in this together! What happened to YOU!? Mariah shouts at Kevin … Dylan at her side, Nikki’s on the phone – your Father still refuses to see me? No, Dad’s ready to talk, Nick replies.

My Thoughts: Really Dylan? Sharon’s supposed to be at home ‘looking out’ for Nikki? She’s YOUR Mother – YOU insisted she stay with you. It’s not Sharon’s responsibility to babysit her. And why can’t you stay home and watch Sully? … That card looks like something Johnny would do, not a kid Max’s age. I don’t think he needs to announce ‘I made it myself’ – he sure as hell didn’t buy it at Hallmark … Is Billy supposed to be reminded of Delia every time someone has a miscarriage? No mention of Eve, the daughter Vikki lost – or the baby Jack and Nikki lost? Speaking of reminders – Sharon knows what it’s like to have your baby given to another woman. What will she do when she learns that Sully isn’t hers? …You’d never know that Ashley raised Faith for the first 6 months of her life – she never mentions it, and has absolutely no bond with Faith. You’d think she’d take her out for ice cream once in a blue moon …. Ben doesn’t deserve this after what happened with Katie, Dylan says. Oh Yeah. I forgot Vikki’s another Mom who lied about who Fathered her child. But still, is Dylan saying other Fathers ‘deserve’ this? And why is it his call on whether Abby’s accident is investigated? The Ashby’s could have at least waited a few days before openly worrying they might get sued. I’d give Max some points if he somehow loosened the carpet so Abby could sue the club (it worked well last time she sued someone)