Monday, April 25th

Back at Sharon’s, Sage passes Sully to her Mom (he makes everything better) She knows something’s going on with nurse Stevens. Sharon’s not so sure – maybe Dylan’s right, we should drop this. And now it’s nap time for Sully and Sharon. OK – Sage exits hoping Sharon feels better. I know you’re mine, Sharon’s left to repeat to Sully.

Summer’s an adult – funny, beautiful, Luca says. Nick thinks he has an agenda. Summer arrives to say she’ll see Luca if she wants to – you don’t know him like I do. Vikki joins them – someone’s looking for you. Hello, Summer. Nick and Summer are both stunned when Kyle walks into the office.

Sunglasses on again, Kevin drags Natalie into CL’s for coffee. Mariah looks so sad, Natalie notes – let’s ask her to join us. As she staggers off, Mariah tells Kevin that if this how money changes people, she’s happy he cut her out.

Why are you such a hard case? Dr Gates scolds Victor (in the infirmary) What’s with men like you? Are you hiding from something? Victor asks. He reminds Dr Gates of her Father (a sonofabitch – just like you) I’ll be damned, Victor replies.

Perched on Victor’s bed, Dr Gates talks about her stubborn Father; he has to have the last word. Victor likes the sound of him. He’s a hard case too, she adds. Unwilling to explain why she works at the prison, Dr Gates calls for the guard.

Summer’s not happy that Vikki set up this meeting (which feels like an intervention) Kyle remembers that Luca crashed Abby’s wedding with Marisa (to stick it to Noah) We should go, Summer leaves with Kyle. Vikki asks Luca to stay.

On the patio, Sage asks Kevin to do some freelance computer work for her. Yes, he can. Natalie comes over to slip her arm around Kevin (who says they’ll talk later) Mariah grumbles some more – perhaps she can help Sage but why not ask Dylan? Sharon doesn’t want him to know.

Tucking Sully into his stroller, Sharon worries about getting Nick and Sage’s hopes up. What if you’re Christian? They must know. But I have to be sure. Bagging up samples, Sharon calls about a DNA test.

Sage confides in Mariah – the same nurse who told her and Nick that Christian had died is the same nurse who was with Sharon when she had Sully. Coincidence? Mariah thinks it might be. But she was indebted to Dr Anderson, Sage goes on to describe finding Patty singing a lullaby. Now Sharon’s suddenly backed off investigating.

In a suite at the club, Kevin suggests Natalie sleep it off – no more festivities. Let’s get you into bed. I thought you’d never ask – Natalie wants to do things she’s never done before, with Kevin. You’re making this very hard, he says (as they somehow end up on the floor) Isn’t that the point? Natalie asks.