Monday, April 25th

Back at the office, Vikki tells Luca that Summer doesn’t see who Luca really is. Do the right thing – end this. Luca can’t – he and Summer have feelings for one another. Vikki won’t give him a job – but how much to make you go away? Keep it – Luca’s about love, not money.

Now at the club, Kyle’s sorry he didn’t come back Valentine’s Day. I love you. Give me another chance? People change Summer says. No, she doesn’t love Luca but wants to see where it’ll lead. Sighing, Kyle realizes ‘this is goodbye’.

Summer didn’t think she could trust anyone after Austin – but then Kyle came along. You taught me to believe in myself again. She will always love him for that. Kyle worries about Luca – he used Marisa. If he tries anything like that on you …. Realizing it’s over, Kyle gives Summer a goodbye kiss and leaves her near tears.

Victor grabs Ian through the bars – don’t you ever hit me there again. Ian had to make the injury look real, so he’d go to the infirmary. It was for a good cause. Dr Gates talked a lot about her Daddy, Victor says – she’s angry. Ian thinks that excellent – she’s the key to our freedom.

Wheeling Sully into CL’s, Sharon asks what Sage and Mariah are talking about. Kevin, they lie. Sage then says goodbye to her ‘perfect little angel’ and leaves Mariah to question Sharon – what’s going on? You, nurse Stevens, my little brother???


Russell Gates is her Father? He’s a powerful man – head of the review board, Ian informs Victor. Old Gateway decides which inmates are released. He’s Meredith’s Achilles heel – our ticket out of here. You’re a smart SOB, Victor has to admit.

Luca appears with a hanky – you OK? He’s sorry to hear Kyle’s going back to New York. No you’re not, Summer says as Luca bends down to kiss her.

Still in Natalie’s suite, Kevin decides it wouldn’t be right to do this. Do what? Natalie comes out in lingerie – there’s nothing we can’t do. She then stubs her toe (so unsexy) By the time Kevin’s wrapped up some ice, Natalie’s passed out. Kevin puts a blanket over her and exits.

Mariah tells Sharon that Sage wants Kevin to help her investigate. It’s over, Sharon claims it’s a dead end. Maybe you realize it’s wrong to lie to Dylan (like you did before you went to Fairview) You didn’t have to tell him about the miscarriage because you miraculously got pregnant again. On the patio, Sage is stunned by what she overhears.

Next: Abby says it’s like something caused her to trip. Like what? Ashley wonders. Max, Abby answers…. You were as furious with Hilary as I was – why are you defending her now? Jack asks Neil… Nurse Stevens is in tears as she tells Sage ‘I can’t live with this anymore – I can’t’.