Wednesday, April 27th

Putting Sully in his playpen, Sage fends Sharon off – don’t touch him. I’ve done nothing wrong, Sharon claims – it was Dr Anderson paying Nick back for her accident. I had NO idea. I ran a DNA test today. You told me to drop the investigation, Sage wonders why Sharon didn’t say anything. Sharon was terrified. But you WERE sure, Sage knows. You said nothing. It’s not all about you, Sharon points out – this is your miracle, but my and Dylan’s child is gone.

Vikki calls Abby – how did Brash n Sassy go up for sale without board approval? Abby sold her voting rights to Dad (feeling guilty) I’ve been going through hell, but thanks for asking, she snaps. Vikki apologizes. Good luck, Abby hangs up. Nick and Vikki then wonder who’s voting in Dad’s place?

Grunting in pain, Victor lays on the bed and explains that the call was due to his daughter betraying him. What if someone gets hurt? Dr Gates asks. So be it, Victor all but shrugs.

Abby joins Max on the patio to say she wasn’t upset with him. Luring him in, she understands that he’d probably do anything to get her (and the baby) out of his life. Did you do something to get rid of me and the baby? Is that why you put something on the stairs?

Jack and Phyllis are stunned to hear that Billy’s prepared to sell his Jabot shares. I need an answer in the morning, Billy leaves Phyllis to try persuade Jack to lend Billy the money.

Does Victor’s situation with his daughter strike a nerve? As Dr Gates examines his wound, Victor gets her to confide that her drug addicted brother died in prison (her Father left him there to teach him a lesson) He was so kind hearted, she weeps – oh, his smile …. Was it a smile like yours? Victor’s all charm.

Relaying her time at Fairview, Sharon is a victim; drugged and lied to by Dr Anderson. A baby was put in her arms. I was told he was mine. We all thought Christian was gone. Sage almost feels sorry for Sharon – but you’re not innocent. If you had told Dylan you miscarried, none of this would have happened.

Ending her call with her Mom, Vikki updates Nick that she gave her proxy to Curtis Fielding (as Victor requested) But, of all the divisions, why sell Brash n Sassy? Because it was Vikki’s. After Nick marches out to try put a stop to it, Vikki makes a call to double BnS’s asking price.

That was unprofessional, an embarrassed Dr Gates wipes her tears. She’ll have to write Victor up for the phone violation. Thanking her, Victor’s left to recover in bed.

What did you put on the stairs? Abby badgers Max (who runs out to his Dad crying ‘I told you she hated me’) She says I made her fall on purpose! he whines. Ben and Abby stare at one another.

Dylan was so desperate to have a baby, I wanted to spare him, Sharon cries – I JUST found out. It hasn’t even sunk in that Sully… Christian! Sage corrects. There’s no way around this. Mother to Mother, can we think this through for Dylan’s sake? Sharon pleads. You want to raise my son!? Sage is taking him home to his real Father. Give me my son! No, Sharon refuses (now holding Sully/Christian)

Phyllis drops by Billy’s to tell him that Jack OK’d the loan – the money’s being wired to his account. But why does Billy need it?