Thursday, April, 28th

Driving behind Sage, Sharon must stop her – Daddy can’t be crushed like this. I’ll just flash my lights at her. In the car ahead, Sage leaves a message for Nick – it’s about Christian. Dropping and bending down to pick up the phone, Sage’s car screeches off the road and hits a guard rail. Gripping the wheel, Sharon gasps.

Faith and Dylan are surprised to find the house empty and Sharon’s bag packed. It looks like she was getting ready to leave. Where could she and Sully be?

Parking her car at the side of the road, a stunned Sharon bends down to look at a motionless and bloodied Sage (who lays on the ground beside her totaled car)

Blah, blah blah – flipping through paperwork, Hilary doesn’t understand why she was summoned to the lab at 9pm. A frustrated Neville and Ashley explain that a patient nearly died because Hilary rushed testing. There will be consequences.

At the club, Phyllis tells Jack that Billy bought Brash n Sassy. To stick it to Vikki AND compete with Jabot, Jack can’t believe Billy stole something from Newman again. It doesn’t matter that he paid for it, Jack wouldn’t have released the funds if he knew it was to buy BnS. And he suspects Phyllis knew his plan all along.

At NE, Billy gloats about now owning Brash n Sassy. Vikki’s pissed – how could you steal my baby? Oh, like you did when stealing Passkey? Billy snaps back. Nick saunters in to inform that Billy and Victor are on the same side. Billy doesn’t see what Victor has to do with this. He’s the one who put BnS up for sale. You played right into his hand.

Sharon must have gone to get some last minute things for the trip. Faith is online looking at all the things to do at the resort. She’s an awesome big sister. And Dylan is an awesome stepdad.

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Giving her name, Sharon reports the crash – the driver’s hurt. I’m not sure if she’s breathing. Send an ambulance – hurry! ~click~ Do you hear me? Sharon bends over Sage. Awakening, she wants to see her baby.

Back at NE, Billy doesn’t care about Victor’s role – or that he’s Victor’s ‘pawn’. This was a great deal. You paid twice what BnS was worth, Vikki snarls. And worth every penny, Billy has ideas for expansion and is meeting with new management as we speak. Ordered out by Nick, Billy says ‘it’s just business’.

Jack rants at Phyllis for persuading him to give Billy the money – he was right to have reservations. Billy just wants to stick it to Vikki. Phyllis honestly thought (and still thinks) that Billy wants to make a fresh start. If Billy wants revenge on anyone, it’s YOU (for leaving him with nothing)

We have to suspend testing, make an announcement, find out what went wrong and make changes to the protocol, Ashley and Neville insists. Devon needs to sign off on all this – why isn’t he here? My husband doesn’t need to be involved – he just signs the checks, Hilary then downplays the patient’s reaction. There are risks with any trial. You’re explaining to ME how this works? Neville scoffs. Ashley shouts at Hilary – YOU will be to blame if we don’t pull the plug now!

Vikki huffs and puffs about Billy. She raised the price to make BnS less attractive. Yes, Dad admitted it, Nick calls it pure vindictiveness. He’s seen it before and will see it again. This is just Dad’s first shot – he thinks you’re weak (because of the deal with Jack) He wants me out and you in, Vikki realizes Victor’s goal.

Paul calls Dylan from the station – Sharon called in to report an accident. He has no details – I’ll meet you at the scene. Reassuring Faith, Dylan will have someone from the main house come to watch her. Everything’s OK, he promises.

Leaning up against a boulder, Sage asks Sharon to promise she’ll tell Nick the truth. Help me hold him. Sharon places Christian in his Mom’s arms. You’re so beautiful – you’ll grow up big and strong like your Dad. Mommy will always be with you. I love you. Baby in her lap, Sage takes her last breath.