Wednesday, April 27th

Dylan in the background, Ben says there’s no way Abby would blame Max for her fall. Abby’s silence speaks otherwise. Can we go Dad? Max pleads – she thinks I killed my baby sister. I won’t go to HER house. We’ll discuss this in the car (Ben and Abby will talk later) Dylan has some comforting words for Abby – losing a baby can push anyone over the edge.

You think you’re gonna keep my son? Sage scoffs. Sharon can’t have Dylan come home to find Sully gone (but knows that he’s going home with Sage) Sage isn’t so sure – this wouldn’t be the first time you tried to steal a child from Nick. Sharon lied about Summer’s paternity because she was off her meds. She doesn’t want to hurt Dylan. Yeah, let’s talk about HIS pain, Sage just wants her ‘kid’. When Sharon again refuses, Sage says ‘Mommy’s coming back’ and heads off to tell Nick.

Nick pays Victor a visit – you’ve hurt Vikki, now call the sale off. This is your family. My family testified against me – Victor doesn’t care that Abby lost a baby and Mom’s drinking again. Victor’s plan is to ensure that NE ends up in Nick’s hands.

Abby appreciates the attempt, but stands by what she said. Yes, she really thinks Max engineered her fall. You’re thinking as Ben’s friend – think like a cop and find out if I’m right, she instructs Dylan.

Now at the club, Ben’s decided they’ll stay one night – then sit down and have a talk with Abby tomorrow. Watching his Dad go to book a room, Max smirks.

Phyllis rejoins Jack at the club. Yes, she knows what Billy wants the money for, and you’re NOT gonna like it.


Still at the office, Vikki can’t believe someone paid double the price for Brash n Sassy. Who would do that? When Billy arrives, Vikki questions his grin. Oh, he just bought a company and is feeling brash and sassy about it.

Nick will never steal Newman away from Vikki. He doesn’t want it and wouldn’t betray his sister. She’s making mistakes, Victor thinks Vikki will be asked to resign. He won’t have to force Nick to step in – he’ll be stuck fighting at Vikki’s side (and at Newman)

Sharon drives through the night. Sorry sweetie, Mommy shouldn’t drive this fast, but we have to stop Sage. Daddy can’t be crushed like this. Sully/Christian cries in his car seat. I’ll just flash my lights at her, Sharon decides. Driving ahead, Sage leaves a message for Nick; I have to talk to you. It’s about Christian. Dropping her phone, Sage bends down to pick it up. Crash, bang. Sharon gasps but is unharmed.

Next: If there’s anyone Billy wants revenge on it’s YOU, Phyllis barks at Jack … Sharon’s calling 911 – the car in front of me crashed. I’m on Highway 11. The driver’s hurt …… Hey Paul, what’s up? Nick answers… Sage lays motionless on the ground.