Thursday, April, 28th

You went to great lengths to make yourself the face of this miracle treatment, Ashley aims two fingers at Hilary. You won’t be elevated in GC society, you’ll be discredited. Don’t turn this ‘snag’ into a fatal error. Fine, suspend the trial but Hilary will be the one to make the announcement. ‘Well versed on the science’, she will do this on her own (rejecting Neville’s help)

Sharon closes Sage’s eyes and slowly walks back to her car with ‘Sully’ – watching as medics and officers surround Sage. Paul tells Dylan that she’s dead. How will we tell Nick? Dylan worries, then looks at Sharon (who can’t meet his eyes)

Dad wants us to be in chaos. Nick thought he’d have to protect his sister from Adam. Giving Vikki a pep talk, Nick’s on her side. You’re not the one with a target on your back! Vikki barks at him. Dad’s positioning YOU to take my place. Not knowing who to trust anymore, she leaves a bewildered Nick to answer a call – hey Paul, what’s up?

Jack didn’t cut Billy out to leave him with nothing. Both him and Vikki wanted him to get back to what’s important; family. Why would she sell BnS? Jack then realizes Victor’s behind it. He’s teaching Vikki a lesson from prison. Billy buying it is the last twist of the knife. Thinking that Phyllis has already done enough, Jack wonders where she’s going – to congratulate Billy?

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As Dylan takes Sully, Paul questions Sharon – who looks at them, then lies. Sage had already crashed when she came on the scene. No, she didn’t see anything that might have caused it. Something made her lose control. I don’t know! Sharon repeats. She’s in shock, Dylan says they can do this later.

Phyllis is indeed at Billy’s – to tell him that Victor set him up. Yeah, Nick figured that out but Billy doesn’t care. You’re going to keep Newman Cosmetics? Knowing Victor wants to cause trouble between you and Vikki? Billy is – and why does Phyllis sound so surprised?

Vikki’s at the seedy, out of town bar for a bottle of whatever wine the bartender has open. She’s punching buttons on the jukebox when he brings it over. She wanted to hear All The Shiny Things. That’s E7, he does it for her.

Nick meets Paul at GCM. What happened? Paul’s not sure. There’s never an easy way to say this. They did everything they could – she didn’t make it. I’m so sorry. Nick stifles a sob. Where is she?

Now alone in the lab, Neville praises the way Ashley handled Hilary. He worries about her making the press announcement alone and should have insisted on being there.

Nick pulls the sheet back to look at Sage’s cold face. I never should have let you go this way. I should have talked to you. Told you how much I loved you. I’m sorry. He now holds her hand and apologizes for not being a better husband. You’re at peace now, with our son.