Friday, April 29th

Nick and Sharon assure Faith that nothing will keep them from their beloved kids. After Faith goes upstairs to read, Sharon (Sully in her arms) says there’s no need to thank her. Nick wants details – did Sage say anything. What were my wife’s last words? Sharon flashes back to Sage asking her to tell Nick the truth.

Vikki’s not happy to find Luca in her office (as requested by Summer) Noah doesn’t think Luca’s help is needed either. You’re not giving him a chance, Summer gripes – then isn’t happy when Luca’s forced to leave. I’m with him now – treat him with respect.

Chelsea lets Dylan in – yes, he’s investigating Sage’s accident. Why did she call you right before she crashed her car?

Summer suggests Newman wouldn’t have lost BnS if Luca was involved. Neither Vikki or Noah trust him. He didn’t grow up in a loving, protective family, Summer defends her new boyfriend – you owe us both (then marches out)

Sharon’s not sure Sage knew she was even there. Nick’s just looking for something to hold onto. And why didn’t she call him after 911. Sharon wasn’t thinking clearly – she just wanted to protect Sully. He just keeps getting cuter, Nick comments – then asks if Faith can stay the night. Keep Sully safe. Always, Sharon assures.

Vikki admits to Noah that she did try to bribe Luca out of Summer’s life – not her finest moment. The best thing she can do for Nick is manage the company. With a quick kiss, Noah leaves.

Sage’s call went to Adam’s voicemail – she was looking for Chelsea (regarding work) He deleted it. Dylan appreciates their time – this isn’t easy for anyone. In the hallway, Dylan looks suspicious. Adam then tells Chelsea that it wasn’t about work – Sage sounded desperate to talk to me.

At the club, Summer updates Luca that she stuck up for him. Luca knows they won’t fire her – Summer must take her rightful place in the family business. He won’t be the reason she leaves NE. With my tutelage, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. It could be you calling the shots.

The penthouse now empty, Noah arrives to tell Nick that Vikki will take care of the funeral etc. Nick just wants to be alone. His last conversation with Sage was about family and their future. I loved her so much. Watch your sister til I get back, he leaves. Faith comes down to hear that Daddy went out for some air. Yes, he’ll be OK, the Newmans come together. Why didn’t we come together for grandpa? she wonders.