Friday, April 29th

Still at the office, Vikki reads the news online. With Billy buying BnS, everyone is wondering if she has what it takes. She hurls something at Victor’s portrait.

Sharon’s alarmed by a knock at the door. Paul has some follow-up questions. Why didn’t she mention that Sage was at her place before the accident?

Vikki’s back at the seedy bar to play her song and mope at the bar over a drink.

Yes, Adam lied to Dylan. He didn’t delete Sage’s voicemail (which he plays) Dammit, where are you? I need to see you – it’s about Christian.


Sage and I often meet at each other’s homes, Sharon stammers. Yes, she left shortly after Sage did – for snacks. What state of mind was Sage in? Was she upset? Nope, nothing out of the ordinary. I AM thinking! Sharon snaps under the pressure. What’s going on? Dylan arrives to ask.

At the scene of the accident, Nick slams the door of Sage’s car and weeps as he checks out the damage; flashing back to happy times – the proposal. He then picks up a stick and unleashes his anger on the car.

PSA by Paul; distracted driving kills and injures thousands of people every year. The fight against distracted driving starts with you. For more information, go to – CBS cares.

Next: Adam wonders aloud to Chelsea – maybe Sage was on her way over to talk to him. Maybe she just wanted to hear me say I was Christian’s Father … Jack visits Victor – setting in motion the sale of Brash n Sassy could be the death blow for their relationship … The bartender and Vikki shake hands. Travis. Victoria.