Thursday, May 19th

Still all charm and smiles, Hilary greets Jack and Phyllis. After a few pointed remarks, Hilary’s taken aside by Neil (leave my friends alone) As Hilary again threatens to expose Neil, Phyllis lists all Hilary’s done to Jack. He admits that Hilary fights for what she wants (like Phyllis) Where is this hostility coming from? Is it because she cared about someone other than her husband? What did I say? Jack’s baffled by Phyllis’ reaction.

Phyllis’ tears are because she’s pissed off that Hilary didn’t pay for her crimes. For infidelity? Jack doesn’t agree. If you and Neil want to work with that woman, watch your back. There’s no such thing as enough for her. With a kiss, Phyllis leaves Jack puzzled.

Still at the bottom of the stairs, Cane clarifies that he’ll stand by his wife no matter what she decides to do about Hilary.

Garlic? At home, Billy tosses a test tube aside to jot down ‘What do woman want?’ [sic] on his notepad. He flashes back to what he wants (Phyllis on his stairs) and crumples up his paper in frustration, then heads out with his helmet and jacket.

Abby drops by the lab – did Ashley find a cure for Hilary yet? ~hug~ She and Ben had a ‘sweet’ day, but he needs to be with Max. You’re a good wife and stepmom, Ashley guesses Ben wishes he’d seen the signs (as they didn’t) She’s proud of her mature daughter who WILL be happy, she assures with another hug.

Now done, Dr Gates can’t do this. No lines can be crossed between doctor and prisoner. Victor smiles – for a moment we were just people. It feels good to talk to someone. Victor feels his family doesn’t see him – he’s alone. Dr Gates see’s who he is – you’re not alone. You’re beautiful, Victor kisses her.

Leaning heavily into Victor, Dr Gates now pulls away to apologize – she must have given Victor the wrong impression. I’m sorry. That can’t happen again. OK, Victor looks all forlorn as Dr Gates tells the guard that the prisoner is ready to be returned to his cell.

Ashley finds Ben at GCM. He thinks he should have seen this coming, like Abby did. Talk to her about Max – take her to visit him, Ashley suggests. No, Ben thinks she’s suffered enough. He must protect his wife. Ashley thinks Ben must find a way to let Abby in.

Abby pauses to look at the stairs she fell down. Noticing, Lily invites her into the dining room. The fire may have erased the tapes, but Abby remembers what happened. But let’s focus on now – Max getting well. As Lily expresses concern, Abby confides she misses her husband.