Thursday, May 19th

Hilary tells Jack her idea for a weekend retreat for board members to brainstorm ideas for the foundation, without constraints. Is Devon a constraint? Neil wonders. Is Jack missing something? Can we all work together? Yes, Hilary insists (Neil agrees less enthusiastically)

Finding Phyllis on a park bench, Billy isn’t stalking Phyllis. He was out for a ride trying to forget about her – some might call it fate. Phyllis wants to be left alone. Instead, Billy asks the woman who drives him crazy to go for a ride with him. Taking a seat, he can’t leave Phyllis alone – sorry.

Billy isn’t worried about someone seeing them – we’re in-laws, not lovers. Your perfume is in my clothes, my house. I can’t pick a new perfume for BnS because all I can smell is you. How often do you think about it? he challenges.It was sex, a mistake, Phyllis won’t destroy her marriage to Jack. Billy isn’t buying it, and Phyllis isn’t selling it convincingly.

Jack will go run the excellent retreat idea by Ashley. No need for Hilary to come (he wants her and Neil to work out their issues) Now alone, Hilary has nothing to say to Neil – Jack needs me. No, Jack doesn’t need a damn thing from you. My friend deserves to know who you are. Again reminded that he could go to jail, Neil storms out past the Ashby’s (who are left to glare at Hilary)

Dr Gates can’t get Victor’s kiss out of her head. Next thing you know, the guard summons Victor – Dr Gates wants to see him.

I thought we were done, Victor states. Dr Gates wants to go over the x-ray – and ask why he kissed her. So beautiful, Victor repeats (hands on) Dr Gates can’t stop thinking about Victor.

Sit, Lily commands. Hilary thinks the feistiness ‘cute’ but poor Cane must find the self-righteousness addictive. Hand on Hilary’s arm, Lily hisses that she won’t be shut down. You’re going to turn in Daddy Dearest? Hilary can’t wait to see this.

Cane finds Neil about to drink a shot at Hank’s. Sure, he can play the self-pity card, or be a man and get yourself out of this mess you got yourself into. Drink or get out, Neil says as he pours the shot down his throat.

At the lab, Ashley’s understandably annoyed with Jack defending Hilary and her deserving a second chance – like Billy. He doesn’t just ‘hurt himself’. Tell that to Vikki. Ashley thinks that he’s involved with someone to try get over Vikki. God knows how that’ll turn out. Jack narrows his eyes.

Ben? In the suite, Abby finds champagne on ice, flowers, rose petals on the bed. Swooping her into his arms, Ben wants to go back to carrying Abby over the threshold. Her delight fades – that’s not possible. No, but Ben wants to start again ~kiss~


Victor mesmerizes Dr Gates – it’s frustrating that he can’t have her. That’s the real prison. Dr Gates launches herself into his arms for a kiss.

OK, Neil will leave the bar (after he has another shot) Where’s my keys? Cane’s lifted them – and Neil’s wallet. He’s not worried about Lily – she’s protecting Devon, not me. No, she loves you – but that might change when she knows who you are. After Cane leaves, Neil orders another shot (but hesitates with it in mid-air)

Lily can take Hilary down without taking down her Father. Devon knows what you are. You love his money, not him. How long will Devon keep you around when I tell him you’re making a play for Jack?

Jack bets Billy’s after Fiona. Nope, it’s not business. Ashley thinks this woman means something to Billy; something real.

It’s not real, Phyllis wants Billy to go. OK, I’ll go. Billy stops her with more talk of her damn perfume. Jack doesn’t deserve you. Phyllis again tries to leave – it was just sex. Just say yes, Billy sounds desperate. Unable to resist anymore, Phyllis returns his passionate kiss.

Next: I know what it’s like to be dismissed. But it’d be a mistake to do that with Summer. She’s a direct conduit to Victor … Everything seems to be as you requested, Mike says as Nikki looks stressed as she reads the paperwork…. Grandma’s filing for divorce, Summer reluctantly informs Victor.