Monday, May 30th

Sharon tells Mariah that she’s the only Mother Sully’s known. I can’t lose my baby. Why would we lose Sully? Faith appears to ask. Nothing sweetheart. No, Sully’s not going to heaven too – he’s a healthy, happy baby. Of course he is, Dylan arrives to wonder why Faith would think otherwise. She heard Mommy say something about losing her baby. Faith’s scolded for eavesdropping and hustled upstairs by Mariah. Dylan’s left to point out that Faith’s a smart kid – what did she misunderstand?

The only way to avoid this bogus trial and keep Sage’s journal private is to exhume Constance’s body again for independent testing (that Victor can’t tamper with) Adam knows he and his brother aren’t close – but my fate rests in your hands, he appeals to Nick.

At the club, Noah tells Summer that Luca lied – he never spoke to Vikki about the oil spill. He used you. Summer ‘sees’ alright. Noah’s jealous of her success. At least Luca believes in me (unlike my own brother!)

They call that shaking hands with the devil, Billy walks in as Luca retracts his extended hand. This guy doesn’t have your back. He’ll give you enough help to hang yourself. What are you doing here? Vikki snaps.

Vikki tells Billy that he’s the one who should leave her office – not Luca. Hannah’s watching Johnny, while Billy’s trying to watch out for his Mother. Luca’s selling you out. Luca resents Billy’s insults (and trivializing his relationship with Summer) Billy KNOWS Luca and Vikki are lying. He’s also accessed maintenance records that (despite words Luca put in Summer’s mouth) the rig was a disaster waiting to happen. You hacked into my computer! Vikki’s outraged.

Back at the club, Noah continues to rant about Luca to Summer (he’s lying to you and Aunt Vikki) No, she doesn’t believe Luca – he must have some sort of hold on her. Go ask him, Noah challenges. Summer doesn’t need to (and marches out) What’s Luca done now? Marisa comes through the revolving door to ask.

Sharon tells Dylan that Faith overheard her talking about Cassie’s death. She’s scared something will happen to Sully. But Faith wasn’t the only one upset – and Dylan’s noticed Sharon on edge for weeks now. Talk to me. When Mariah and Faith come down, Sharon wastes no time whisking her off to the Father Daughter dance – assuming she can trust Mariah to take care of things here. The moment they’re alone, Dylan trusts Mariah will tell him what’s going on with Sharon.

JUST make a phone call? That’s all I have to do? Nick sneers. Adam knows that Nick feels he’s the keeper of Sage’s memory but we shared history too. You shared a lie, a scam, Nick’s pissed – how dare you compare your scam with Sage to our losing Christian? Adam apologizes – but if Sage were here, what would she want? But she’s NOT here – all Nick has is this journal. After Nick slams out, Adam realizes he’ll never besmirch his perfect wife. Then you have to tell him that his perfect wife gave birth to YOUR baby, Chelsea asserts.

You can’t spend the rest of your life in prison to protect Sage’s memory, Chelsea insists. But she thanked me for keeping her secret, begged me not to tell Nick, Adam reminds – it was Sage’s last wish. What about me and Connor? Chelsea knows that Victor will have his innocent son sent to prison. She won’t lose Adam so Nick can protect Sage’s memory. He must face that his perfect wife was human – that Christian was yours, not his. Fight for US! Adam IS – but he can’t betray the trust Sage had in him ~hug~

Faith runs into Nick’s arms at the park. After sending her off for ice cream, Sharon knows something’s bothering Nick – it must be spending time with Sully. No, Nick loves spending time with Sully, and Faith. Every memory is irreplaceable. Do you think it’s a sin to keep something secret, even if someone else suffers?