Monday, May 30th

Dylan doesn’t want Mariah to betray Sharon’s trust – but he wants to help her. Mariah thinks it obvious – she’s dealing with Sage’s death and the anniversary of Cassie’s death. Sharon won’t relapse (Mariah’s on top of her meds) Dylan’s glad he has Mariah to watch over Sharon. Mariah’s not sure what Sharon would do without Dylan. You make it sound like I’m going somewhere, Dylan notes.

Vikki guesses that Billy had Natalie hack into her computer. Her genius was used for good, Billy admits. I was following Vikki’s directive, Luca insists. Vikki confirms. Billy doesn’t agree that ‘a crisis was averted’. Suggesting sabotage is classic Victor (except he wouldn’t leave himself beholden to ‘this one’; Luca) Billy gets a call – Johnny’s throwing up. Both concerned parents rush out, leaving Luca alone in the office.

Tucked into bed, Johnny’s fussed over. It’s just a virus – we’ll follow doctor’s orders and you’ll feel better in no time. Billy says Mommy’s right (as always) We’ll go to a ballgame when you’re better. Maybe Mommy will come too. Yes, Mommy will, Vikki agrees. Good night.

Summer finds Luca seated behind the desk – where’s Vikki? She and Billy went to see Johnny. He’s sick (unless he’s using it to scuttle Vikki’s plan to lead the company forward) Summer wonders if Luca’s just worried about what’s best for him.

Billy reminds Vikki of their recently signed agreement respecting one another’s space (and here you are) Just joking – but he does wonder why Vikki lied for Luca.

Back at the park, Sharon thinks some secrets are best kept secret. Sage would be horrified by people proving over her journal and Adam using Constance’s remains as evidence, Nick asks Sharon what he should do. He’s not sure what Sage would want him to do. He doesn’t want intimate details of their lives pored over (in the journal) It feels like Nick’s losing Christian and Sage all over again.

Adam gets a call from Mike – then updates Chelsea that a trial date’s been set. And there’s more bad news.

The bad news? Judge Elise Moxley will he hearing Adam’s case. Victor ruined her marriage and nearly her career – she’ll bend over backwards to appear impartial. And allow the tainted evidence, Chelsea realizes – maybe we should go back to Plan A – get the hell out of town.

Mariah suggests Sharon might be worried about Dylan’s safety – he is a cop after all. Getting a call from Chris, Dylan has to go work on the case against Adam. He didn’t mean to upset Mariah about Sharon. She’s never been healthier and happier than with you, Mariah knows Sharon loves her family. Good – you’re all stuck with me, nothing will change that, Dylan leaves Mariah to wring her hands.

Back at the park, Nick knows Sage wouldn’t keep that big a secret from him (that Adam murdered Constance) When Faith returns, Nick takes her off to the dance – of course he’s ‘up to it’.

Who’s been filling your head with doubts? Luca thinks it bad enough that Billy tried to turn Vikki against him – now Noah’s doing it with Summer (who then asks if he’s been lying to her – to push his own agenda) Luca wants to prove that Summer’s the rightful heir to NE. Vikki verified the call – surely Summer can’t think that both Vikki and Luca are lying to her?

Still at his place, Billy wants to know why Vikki’s covering for Luca. She wants to talk about something else while waiting for Johnny to wake up. He pours wine – how about a game? Truth or dare – one personal question. Vikki goes first – are you having an affair? She heard a rumour. Billy heard the same about Vikki – who are you sleeping with?

She’s a princess, Billy informs – she’s wealthy and laughs at everything I say; an ex-navy seal with a deep love for children blah blah blah. Vikki’s new man rides in the rodeo – he’s got flair to spare and wears his cowboy boots to bed. Both smile.

Vikki wouldn’t lie, Summer agrees. Luca claims that Vikki trusts him – she knows I have the family’s best interest at heart. Billy’s protective of Vikki and Noah’s got a grudge against me. Plus, it must be embarrassing; he doesn’t fit in at NE like Summer does. YOU are a confident business woman – the doubters will soon see it too, Luca’s sure.

Noah tells Marisa that Luca’s using Summer to try take over Newman. Marisa tells him to let it go – don’t play into Luca’s hand. I’m supposed to let him win? We’ve already won, Marisa knows that Luca’s lies will catch up to him – they always do.

At the club’s entrance, Dylan takes a photo of Nick and Faith. After she runs off to see Noah, Dylan informs that he’s there to talk to Chris about Adam’s case. But don’t let that ruin your evening. That little girl needs you. Not as much as I need her, Nick says.