Monday, May 30th

Back at Sharon’s, Mariah lists everyone she’s lying too. Lying isn’t ‘what’s best’. Dylan thinks you’re keeping something from him. I covered for you. Sharon worries she can’t count on Mariah to continue to do so.

No more talk about business or family. Where were we? Summer kisses Luca (who then sneers over her shoulder at the portrait of Victor on the wall)

At the club, Faith’s used her ‘gift’ to make Noah smile. After she runs off, he decides to back off on trying to save Summer. Marisa’s optimistic – maybe Summer can save Luca from himself.

Sending Faith up to the ballroom, Nick thanks Dylan for stepping up for Sharon and Faith; you’ve been awesome. And you’re doing a great job with Sully. Thanks, that means a lot to Dylan.

Mariah knows how much Sully means to Dylan, Sharon (and Nick and the family) Like it or not, this is my family too. Relieved, Sharon gives her a hug.

Adam won’t run away – that’s an admission of guilt. I won’t lose you and Connor; I’m innocent and I’ll prove it, he assures Chelsea.

Billy and Vikki continue to talk about his princess and her cowboy. It’s like a drug but you just can’t stop. Oops, Vikki can’t believe she said that – must be the wine. She’ll go check on Johnny, then leave. ‘Headrush’, she falls into Billy’s lap. You’re not going anywhere, he says.


Next: It’s an amazing day for the foundation; thank you, Neil says. I’m not doing any of this for you. Today’s about honouring Katherine, Lilly makes herself clear…. I have a proposal to make, Summer tells Luca … I’m going to tell you who I’m sleeping with and I want you to do the same, Billy challenges Vikki.

My Thoughts: Given the history between Judge Moxley and the Newman’s wouldn’t it be fairly easy to have her replaced by another Judge? … Vikki and Billy are getting harder and harder to watch. One minute she’s blasting him for hacking into her computer – the next, she’s smiling into his eyes over a wine glass. Isn’t she the slightest bit concerned that her firewall is barely a fire-hurdle? Victor would be screaming for her to charge Billy with corporate espionage (and much as I hate to admit it, he’d have a point) It’s also pretty stupid that Luca’s left alone in the CEO’s office while Billy and Vikki rush their poor sick son to the doctor (like kids throwing up is so uncommon) … I’m not sure that’s how executorship works. Sage dying shouldn’t leave Nick having a say in exhuming the body of a woman he didn’t know … When will Mariah realize that she’s just as much a liar as Sharon is? Nick and Dylan won’t care that you didn’t want to lie – just that you did. It’s ludicrous that Sharon actually believes she’ll be able to keep this secret. It seems she learned absolutely nothing from Summer’s paternity fiasco. How can we possibly feel any empathy for her when she knows exactly how devastating this will be to everyone involved? It can’t even be blamed on Sharon being bipolar or being off her meds (which Mariah somehow keeps track of). That said, isn’t it logical (without knowing the story) that Sharon might still be a bit on edge after seeing her coworker and friend die in a car accident?.. Truth or Dare is the only game Billy and Vikki can think of to pass the time while Johnny sleeps? Are they 13? What’s next? Spin the bottle? Playing a few hands of cards would be better than grilling each other on who they’re sleeping with.