Wednesday, June 15th

Chelsea’s incredulous – you want to help Ian escape again? Are you insane? That’s illegal. Adam’s already facing prison – this is our insurance policy. Chelsea worries – whatever Ian does will be on your head.

Still at home, Sharon updates Mariah on her nightmare and Dylan hearing her talk in her sleep. Go see a psychiatrist, Mariah worries. If I tell her the truth, I’ll lose Sully, Sharon knows she’ll be told that she has to expose her secret to stop the nightmares. She looks even more distressed when Nick shows up.

Frank Ellis is the same guy Adam and Jack hired to forge the diary to frame Victor. He ratted them out. Paul will try to locate him while Dylan explores another angle.

Adam doubts Ian will stick around GC after he escapes. Chelsea disagrees – how can Adam ‘make sure’ he doesn’t hurt someone? This could end in a shootout. You sound exactly like Victor.

Nice to meet you, Summer leaves Vikki to explain that her niece is giving her a hard time because she did the same with her. Travis thinks that ‘judging’. Vikki now insists Travis accompany her to Newman Tower.

At Sharon’s to deliver a package that was sent to his place, Nick updates that he and Phyllis plan to kill Luca with kindness. If only we could keep our kids little forever. Sharon looks terrified as she flashes back to Sage wondering how she didn’t realize Sully was her son.

It’s not Adam’s job to protect Ian – his job is to protect Chelsea and Connor. You don’t sound like your Father at all, Chelsea’s sarcastic. When Dylan stops by to say he’s following a lead; Frank Ellis, Adam already thought of that – he’s dead. Oh, maybe you should consider accepting a plea, Dylan alarms the Newmans.

In Vikki’s office, she and Travis discuss Victor. I learned a lot from him. Like how to pass the buck? Travis reads a paper that blames faulty oil rig parts installed by a third party (which he declares a lie)

Lounging poolside, Luca thinks Vikki will lose interest in Travis. Summer’s glad her Dad’s accepting their relationship – maybe it’ll rub off on her Mom. Nope – Luca blabs that she’s the one who arranged Summer’s sudden trip to visit Daniel – to get you away from me.

When Nick wants to pick Sully up, Mariah whisks him off for a nap. That leaves Nick to question why Sharon looks so tired – is something keeping you up? Sharon flashes back to Sage imploring her to tell Nick the truth. You OK? You know you can tell me anything, right?

A pissed off Summer relays what her Mom did to break Daniel and Amber up (and plans to confront her later) She’s not coming between us, Luca thinks he can win Phyllis over as he did Nick – I have many talents ~kiss~