Wednesday, June 15th

Nick knows he and Sharon trust each other, after all they’ve been through. Mariah comes down to say that Sully needs her. Sharon tells Nick not to worry about her and leaves him to question Mariah (who insists that Sharon’s just tired and hustles him out the front door) Sharon comes back down to thank Mariah – who says she needs to decide right now; are you going to keep this secret or blow up your whole family?

Adam won’t confess to a murder he didn’t commit. My son will think I’m a murderer. Dylan wonders what Chelsea thinks – this affects you too. No, we won’t give up – we’ll fight and win. We still have Ian’s testimony. My husband stays here, where he belongs.

Vikki defends the press release – the possibility of sabotage is getting traction in the press. Travis thinks that since NE owns the rigs, they own the problem. I should go. Fine, Vikki will call him later. Giving her a quick kiss, Travis leaves her to think it over.

Summer and Luca go home for some welcome home sex.


Now alone, Adam wonders if Chelsea’s onboard with helping Ian escape. He’s evil – but Chelsea won’t lose Adam. You won’t, he assures with a hug.

Sharon’s made the decision to hold her family together. Really? Cause it looks like you were ready to tell Nick, Mariah thinks if she notices Sharon’s distress, so will Nick. Pull it together or the truth will come out on itsown.

At CL’s, Nick asks Dylan if anything’s going on with Sharon. She didn’t seem herself. Sharon doesn’t want to burden you, Dylan tells him about the nightmares about Sage. Next:

Next: Lily tells Devon that the only thing wrong with Hilary is Hilary – she faked a fainting spell to get Jack’s attention … Hilary blasts Ashley and Neville – My life is on the line and all you two do is fight me. You probably want me to die .. Kevin confronts Mariah at home – I’m not leaving til you tell me what’s going on.