Friday, June 17th

At CL’s, Mariah admits she’s been worried about her Mom – end of story. No, Kevin can’t help – Sharon hasn’t been the same since the baby. What about the baby? It’s affecting her relationship with Dylan. Keep it between us. Kevin will – but does Mariah really think she can give her Mom relationship advice?

Sharon and Dylan spend their alone time talking about planning the future for Sully. It’ll be nothing but the best if his Dad has anything to say about it. Sharon looks worried.

Billy would love to tell the world how he feels about Phyllis, but knows he can’t. Phyllis is scared of being found out for the lying alley cat she is. Ashley won’t find out, Billy assures. This is wrong, but Phyllis can’t lose Billy now. That’s not how our love story ends, he vows.

Hilary wonders if Ashley’s proud of herself – telling Jack puts lives in danger and might put Neville in jail. Was it worth it?

Downstairs, Neil thinks that backing away from the foundation will give her and Devon time to focus on their marriage. Devon suggests Neil focus on his recovery. Jack appears to confront Neil – you sonofabitch; you kidnapped Hilary.

Kevin and Mariah joke about both being inept at relationships. Go dancing with Natalie, Mariah sends Kevin off with her thanks. She then leaves a message for a Dr Miller.

Coming downstairs, Sharon sees Sage taking her baby back to his Father – to Nick. No!!! Sharon sits bolt upright in bed beside a sleeping Dylan. Taking her meds out of the drawer, she decides not to take them (and prepares for a sleepless night looking at the ceiling)

Next: Here I am, Vikki announces. Here you are – now Travis just has to figure out why …. What’s going on? Lily asks. We all may be going to jail, Devon replies … This a calculated plan that ended up in a string of felonies – do you really expect me to look the other way? Jack asks Ashley.