Monday, June 20th

Billy won’t lose Phyllis either – it’s not how our love story ends. Oh? Is that what this is? Yes, I love you, Phyllis (who gazes up into Billy’s eyes)

At the club, Jack knows that Neil kidnapped Hilary. I dragged the whole ugly story out of her; how you went to ruin her marriage and she ended up falling off a trail. You kept her in your boathouse while she was in a coma! Is it true? You don’t have to answer that, Devon chimes in. Yes, it’s true, Neil admits.

Hilary confronts Ashley (with Neville on the rooftop) You must have LOVED ripping me to shreds – tattling on me to Jack, Hilary wonders how painting her as a villain helps mankind – this drug trial could be over. And when Jack goes to the police you’ll be an accessory. Yes – Jack WAS angry with Hilary – until she told him that Neil kidnapped her.

At CL’s, Faith claims to like living with her Mom and Dylan full time but misses her Daddy. Summer and Luca suggest she pay him a surprise visit at NE after her dance class (which she heads off to) Summer then wonders why Vikki’s in such a bad mood. Luca has a theory. Enter Travis on cue.

At the office, Vikki now second-guesses the way she handled the oil spill (by hinting it was sabotage) Nick thinks it worked, and Dad would be proud – is this new boyfriend the reason you’re doubting yourself?

Summer apologizes for being unfriendly to Travis the other day. If you’re here for dessert for my Aunt Vikki I can point you in the right direction. Not necessary – Travis won’t be going back to Newman Tower. Vikki controls things like her Dad would; with lies and spin. You know that’s how the game’s played, Luca interjects. That doesn’t mean it’s OK, Travis claims.

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Travis isn’t my boyfriend and Luca had no business telling Nick about him, Vikki whines – then explains why Travis left Wallstreet and never looked back – he’s struggling with who I AM and how I do things. It might not work out. That’s too bad, Nick thinks if Travis is making Vikki think about doing things a more ethical way, he might be exactly what she needs.

Billy loves everything about Phyllis. She can’t get enough of him ~kiss~ That’s all he needs.

You lied to everyone – played along that Hilary might be dead! Jack accuses. Neil cuts (and sends) Devon off – this is MY responsibility. At the bottom of the stairs, Devon updates Lily – we might all be going to jail. Both watch as Jack tells Neil that he knows about the kidnapping. Neil explains that something snapped – he couldn’t take his wife and son’s betrayal and wanted to break their hearts. Hilary’s fall was an accident, Neil swears. What exactly did Hilary tell you!? If you think I coerced her into staying quiet, nothing could be further from the truth.

Back on the rooftop, Ashley now knows the whole story. Hilary claims that she’s the victim here – SHE kept quiet to protect her family. Neville, Neil, Devon, Lily and Cane all conspired to cover this up. All your friends are going to pay the price for you shooting your mouth off to Jack, Hilary hisses at Ashley.

Lily understands that Devon wants to believe in his wife – but stop defending that bitch. She has an agenda and will knock over anyone in her way, including you.

Neville wonders what will happen to all his patients (Hilary included) Hilary’s glad he cares – unlike Ashley. You had to know going to Jack would jeopardize the trial. Ashley doubts Jack will turn his friend Neil in to the police. Hilary thinks he will (and marches off)