Friday, June 17th

Hilary’s sorry she snapped at Devon – but leave Jack out of this. Why? Hilary doesn’t want to disappoint him. Devon puts Hilary’s health first. Hilary won’t settle for just being a billionaire’s wife. What’s the point of having money if we don’t have time to enjoy it and one another? Devon slams out. Seconds later, Jack comes knocking.

That was pretty wonderful, Phyllis admits – but it can’t last. It’s not real. Billy will focus on now. He’s Peter Pan looking for his happily ever after. Billy, let me in! Ashley bangs on the front door.

Phyllis in hiding, Ashley accepts a glass of wine and wonders who Billy’s expecting and why he’s rushing her. She’s stepping back from the drug project to return to Jabot. Jack’s not on-board – he’s only listening to Hilary. Ashley wants to talk to Phyllis. Billy thinks that a good idea (while Phyllis clearly does NOT) Ashley then asks for a glass of water – she’ll drink it quickly.

Jack thinks that taking care of herself is what Hilary does best – he just talked to Ashley about the charges she faces for bribing the lab tech. Hilary hopes he wasn’t too hard on her but it never pays to cut corners. You’re the one who did – and let Ashley take the fall, Jack scowls. She told me everything. Or is there something else you’re lying about?

Devon’s not happy to find Neville downstairs – go back to the lab and work – relieve my wife of her stress. It’s affecting her health – she’s exhausted. Neville thinks Hilary should step back – leave the drug trial to me. Neil wonders who’ll do PR. No one – until the drug’s approved, the less we say about it the better, Neville says. After Neville leaves, Neil hopes Devon feels better. No, he’s afraid he’s losing Hilary.

When Sharon tells Dylan that Kevin went for coffee, he suggests Mariah go catch up with him. She’s spending the night in tonight, Sharon says. Dylan thinks she deserves a night off. Yes, I definitely do, Mariah hurries out. Dylan now wants to know what the hell they walked in on tonight.

Sharon doesn’t know why she yelled stop when walking in the door – she thought Mariah was giving Kevin mixed signals. Dylan buys the lie – and is happy Sharon has something else to focus on than her nightmares. Everything will work out when Kevin and Mariah get to talk.

At CL’s, Kevin ends a call with Natalie when Mariah arrives. She no longer wants to talk – let’s watch an old movie. No, Kevin won’t drop it. Sharon looked terrified and couldn’t wait to get me out of there. This has to do with your Mom, he guesses.

Hilary’s not a bad person. But good people don’t resort to blackmail, Jack replies. Hilary was trying to protect a member of her family. Huh? Hilary gave her word … Jack wonders if they’re discussing her kidnapping. Tell me – who is it?

Ashley wonders why the phone’s disconnected. Wine and a blanket on the floor indicate Billy has a date. Goodbye. Love you too, she leaves. Phyllis comes out to ask Billy if he’s out of his mind. You want me to work with your sister!?

No interruptions, no intrusions, Billy claims. You gave wine to our intrusion, Phyllis grumbles. Billy had to – and he thinks she and Ashley would make a good team. Phyllis thinks it too dangerous. Tell her it’s a bad idea – unless you want to tell the world about us.

On the rooftop, Neville updates Ashley that Hilary’s symptoms are getting worse – it’s only a matter of time before Devon asks questions about the drug trial – you’ll be forced to tell the truth. She already has, Hilary appears to say.