Tuesday, June 21st

Luca badgers Vikki (who knows he’s trying to blame Travis) He worked in energy on Wallstreet, Luca points out the suspicious timing. Maybe someone hired him (for Victor) Vikki will go talk to Travis. No, Luca will. Nick thinks that a good idea (Travis won’t be angry at Vikki, thereby protecting her relationship)

Go away, go away, Sharon squeezes her eyes shut and mutters to herself – then opens her eyes to see it’s only a woman who resembles Sage.

Vikki worries about the press – Newman’s either inept or under attack. We need to find out who’s behind this. Nick says it might not be Travis. Yes, but it could have been. I was careless and stupid, Vikki frets.

We need to talk, Luca walks into Hank’s. I’m listening, Travis replies.

Phyllis would love to go home with Jack but she’s needed at the office. OK – he’ll wait til tonight. See you soon, Phyllis gives Jack a quick kiss – then pauses to look back at him with what might be pity.

At home, a teary-eyed Billy struggles with his emotions.

Victor’s yet again in the infirmary to touch base with Meredith. Adam now knows that you won’t testify and that I will. Because she’s being watched, Meredith can only let Victor use the phone for five minutes. “You’ve done very well my dear, just one more request” Victor speaks to his accomplice (Chloe I believe)

Adam comes back to the penthouse in a foul mood. When Chelsea wonders why he’s not spending the day with Connor, Adam finishes the drink he’s poured and hurls the glass at the wall. I hope that sonofabitch dies in prison! he snarls.

Next: Don’t tell me we just grew apart. There’s more going on here than that. I want to know what it is! Devon demands answers from Hilary … Victor raises his eyebrows in surprise when Meredith asks – How was your visit with your wife? …. Who knew someone so prim and proper would be such a wildcat …. Luca’s words are abruptly cut off by a punch from Travis.

My Thoughts; These nightmares about Sage – Nick hopes Sharon can let them go. He does realize that we can’t control what we dream about right? Nobody WANTS to have nightmares. That said, anyone who’s mental health is as shaky as Sharon’s should be seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis, especially if having nightmares and under stress … …… Line of the Day, hell the month goes to Dr Meredith Gates. “I can’t let Ian Ward make you out to be the criminal”. What!? You do realize you’re speaking to a convicted criminal. It should be obvious by the number on Victor’s prison issue denims – with INMATE stitched across the back – and the fact that you’re in a PRISON!. But, by all means – do what you must so that Victor’s not made out to be a ‘criminal’…. Is Victor losing his mind? Meredith had no right to do go to the police with information Victor didn’t give her? If he didn’t give her the info it doesn’t fall under doctor/patient privilege. Ergo, she had every right. Victor’s the one who no longer has any rights. How can he possibly say he has a clear conscience? Ha ha ha @ Victor’s facial expressions in his last scene. It’s like the ominous music reminded him that he’s supposed to put his evil face on .. If I had to guess, I’d say Chelsea will find out Sharon’s secret – but may keep it to herself to avoid having to raise Adam and Sage’s baby (and to avoid the messy situation with Nick) She’ll ‘honour the Father-son bond’ as she did with Billy, Dylan and Johnny (not at all) … Enough with turning your living room into anything but a living room; it’s not Vegas, it’s not a ski lodge, it’s not France, it’s not a picnic area, it’s not a campsite! There’s no reason Phyllis and Billy couldn’t have spread their blanket (and Phyllis’ legs) under a tree on the Estate’s grounds. There’s no reason Adam and Chelsea couldn’t have taken Connor OUTDOORS – to the park – that’s why it’s called camping OUT, not camping IN. Geesh! … I’d say that Mariah’s not qualified to take over Sage’s position – except Sage had no qualifications and neither does Sharon, so …. welcome to Chelsea 2.0; Frocks R us.