Tuesday, June 21st

At CL’s, Chelsea declares Sharon a godsend. She really needed help right now. Sharon mentions bringing Mariah in to replace Sage, then asks how she and Adam are doing. Chelsea confides – Adam’s thinking about all the moments he can lose with his son. The father/son bond should be honoured. You understand because of Sully and his Daddy. Yes, Sharon does understand (then is alarmed by Sage glaring at her from the door)

Sharon? Are you alright? Yes – I got distracted, Sharon talks about ordering cashmere. Chelsea thinks bringing Mariah onboard is a good idea. Are you sure you’re OK? Looking at ‘Sage’, Sharon insists she is.

At NE, Luca and Summer tell Nick about the new leak; a storage tank valve left open for oil to gush out. Vikki’s not answering her phone. The kids were with the nanny overnight. Nick guesses she’s with Travis (and has no problem with that) Luca rants about the CEO off doing God knows what with her bartender boyfriend during another crisis.

Poolside, Billy and Vikki bicker. Her concerns about the kids are legitimate – you’re just pissed off because I’m dating a new guy. At the bar, Travis gets a call from Luca. How’d you get this number? Hank’s. Travis delivers his phone to Vikki so can Luca update her on the oil spill. Oh no, Vikki’s phone battery’s dead. Don’t do anything til I get there! After Vikki runs out, Billy scolds the bartender. Travis doesn’t want to complicate Vikki’s life – we can get along. We’ll never be buddies, Billy snaps – then marches out.

Also on the rooftop, Meredith manages to drop the contents of her purse. Adam appears to pass her wallet. She tells him that she retracted her statement – she won’t be testifying at his trial. What changed your mind? Adam wants to know.

Jack thanks Phyllis for not pressing him for details. She gushes about her husband – coming home is a wife thing. No, it’s a Phyllis thing – you’re loving and loyal – Jack will never take it for granted. Hey, Billy, Jack waves him over to announce that Phyllis just got back from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, tell me it wasn’t all work; that there was some pleasure ~awkward~

Luca tells Vikki that the valve control backup and security cameras were disabled remotely – it’s sabotage (someone onsite and off) Nick thinks Dad’s responsible. Vikki isn’t sure how he’d manage it from prison. Vikki has safeguards – only a few computers have access (hers being one of them) Did anyone have access to your laptop since last night? Luca asks pointedly.

Adam visits Victor to see what his next move is. Meredith’s recanting. Did you tell her to back off? She won’t contradict Ian Ward’s testimony, Victor thinks Adam should be happy. about that. What do you have up your sleeve? Adam wonders. Victor will testify. He doesn’t know what Adam did or didn’t do. Meredith had no right to go to the police with information I didn’t give her. Victor has a clear conscience.

You don’t have a conscience, Adam knows Victor thinks himself King of the Universe. How can I possibly frame you? Victor wonders. How’s Connor? Adam shows Victor a video taken that morning. That’s a loving Father. Adam vows to find out who Victor’s working with (and leaves his father to scowl)

After Billy leaves, Jack isn’t picking up a Montreal vibe – next time, he’ll go with Phyllis. Now, let’s go home and ‘catch up’. Whaddaya say?