Tuesday, June 21st

Adam, Chelsea, and Connor have enjoyed a camping experience complete with sleeping bags, s’mores and campfire stories. Chelsea grows quite – it’s important to make these memories with the trial around the corner.

In the infirmary, Meredith and Victor quickly realize that Ian had the guard replace her note with his. It was about Adam. Tell me everything, Victor requests.

On the phone; Jack didn’t need or expect Phyllis to come home early from Montreal – but yes, he always needs his wife. Phyllis came back because she loves Jack – see you soon. Billy appears, visibly upset by what he’s overheard.

In bed, Travis takes Vikki’s phone away – they can do without you. I have meetings, she giggles as he kisses her (the phone tumbling onto the floor)

At the office, Summer grumbles about Vikki not answering her phone. It must be off. Luca snidely thinks there a good explanation. Seems there’s a second leak, worse than the first one (this time in a storage container) We might have to shut down operations until it’s resolved. We need our CEO, Summer whines. No, we need a heavy hitter – Luca suggests – call Nick.

Nick drops by Sharon’s to talk to Faith about this Dancing Daddy’s thing he’s signed up for. Faith’s not home and Sharon can’t go for breakfast, she has a meeting to get to. Nick hopes he’s not out of line by hoping Sharon can let these nightmares about Sage go.

Sharon’s not happy that Dylan told Nick about her nightmares. You’re grieving – I won’t make this about me. Don’t worry about me – the nightmares were a phase. Getting a call from Summer, Nick assures Sharon that he’ll never NOT worry about her – then leaves (still on the phone getting updated on the new oil crisis)

This is the end of our getaway, Billy states the obvious. Yes, Phyllis must get back to reality. Billy doesn’t want her to feel awkward or guilty. It’s not easy for Phyllis to leave (or easy for Billy to be left behind) Phyllis picked some flowers while Billy showered – to leave something behind. With a kiss, Phyllis leaves her lover to pout.

Adam’s sure he and Connor will have many camp outs (maybe even outdoors one day) Chelsea worries that Ian’s lying. Yes, it’s risky – but Adam’s sure they’ll have adventures for the rest of their lives. He won’t let Chelsea cancel her meeting with Sharon – I’m still free. I love you ~kiss~

After the fight, Victor was sent to solitary – and Ian was sent to Meredith. He tried to convince me that you set up your son. Victor’s not surprised that he was convincing – Ian led a cult after all. Meredith then informs Victor that Ian plans to testify that he confessed. Victor’s surprised to hear that Meredith told the Williams that Adam’s guilty (and Victor’s protecting him) You said what!? Victor balks.

With all due respect, Victor didn’t ask Meredith to talk to the police. She can’t let Ian Ward make him out to be the criminal (who’s framing Adam) Victor will take the stand and tell them that’s a damn lie.

On the rooftop, Travis claims that nothing bad ever came from taking the morning off work. As Vikki kisses and giggles with her new beau, Billy approaches to ask for a minute with Vikki (who sends Travis off to fetch iced tea) Billy gripes about her not being with the kids. Vikki reminds that he’s the one who bailed out on the kids weekend last minute. You don’t get to judge me.

Back in the dining room, Jack tells Phyllis that what’s going on is complicated – the details are ugly and shocking. Not pressing Jack for details, Phyllis is told that sometimes good people do bad things; their heart’s in the right place.