Wednesday, June 22nd

At the office, Nick asks Vikki if there could be a link between Travis and the oil spills. He lied about who he is – because he hated his life, but Vikki has to consider that Luca might be right. Travis knew who I was? It’s a possibility.

In NE’s hallway, Nikki gets a call from Amanda – thanks for the update. She then joins Nick and Vikki to say ‘we all know who’s behind this sabotage’.

At Hank’s, Luca accuses Travis of using his relationship with Vikki to sabotage NE – it’s pathetic.

Meredith meets Paul at the club (Chris couldn’t make it) She can no longer testify. What changed your mind? Paul wonders.

Ian needles Victor (now out of solitary) Victor grabs the cart of mugs Ian’s pushing to menace him (as the guards have mysteriously disappeared)

At the club, Jack stops Neil from going over to confess to Paul – I’m not going to tell the police anything.

Entering the suite, Devon finds Hilary packing. She’s leaving town – I’m done. Done with me? With us? Devon still wants answers.

Nikki’s sure Victor’s behind the oil crisis. Vikki and Nick agree he has motive, but does he have the means? Summer arrives to defend her Grandpa; he had nothing to do with this. They admire her loyalty but look what he did to your Mom. Summer blames Marco for that and thinks Nikki’s just justifying divorcing Victor. She then updates that the leak is being cleaned up. Nikki still believes Victor’s responsible and there’s only one way to find out. After she leaves, Summer decides Travis is to blame.

Travis laughs – you’re out of your mind. He’s off to make sure Vikki’s not buying this. She sent me here – and Luca’s ready to pay Travis to leave town. Vikki never wants to see you again.

Paul suspects Victor’s the reason Meredith won’t testify. No, it’s not my story to tell, she claims.

Back at the prison, Victor throws a tray of mugs onto the floor – interfering in my life is a mistake. You can’t hurt me. Ian will – on the stand. Victor will take the stand too – to set the record straight.

Summer defends her Grandpa and blames Travis. Nick’s not so sure – he seemed ethical and didn’t like the way NE spun the oil spill. Vikki suggests they’re both responsible – but Travis owed money and the debt was suddenly paid off. He accused me of paying it. Summer knows how it feels when someone isn’t who you think they are.

Nikki visits Victor to appeal to the man she fell in love with. She doesn’t care about the company. The kids will thrive without you. She then accuses him of being the oil spills. Victor leans forward to say that her putting him in this hell hole left NE unprotected. You can still stop this, Nikki thinks it’s not too late.