Wednesday, June 22nd

Jack knows Neil didn’t hurt Hilary and is responsible for healing her. You deserve a chance to start over. No, it’s not pity. Jack’s thought about who will be hurt if the truth comes out.

Continuing to pack, Hilary lists everyone who’ll be glad she’s gone. I’m a gold digging whore chasing after Jack, right? There’s clearly no love left. Everything we’ve shared is gone? Devon doesn’t believe that. We said vows; promised to be together forever. Who the hell are you right now? Is this the drugs Neville’s giving you? Why are you pushing me away? Not seeing Hilary’s hand shaking, Devon knows something else is going on.

Hilary’s tired of trying to be the woman Devon wants her to be. I’m too ambitious. Devon’s done nothing but defend Hilary – look at your behavior, the people you’re hurting. Hilary doesn’t think they stood a chance (because they betrayed Neil) You said you’d let me go if I told the truth, she reminds. Without further word, a devastated Devon leaves.

Jack knows that Neil’s sorry – and has paid the price. Plus, he (and Neville) are responsible for Ashley being alive. Lives depend on Neville getting through these trials. Devon appears to announce that Hilary’s leaving town.

Luca returns to the office with a bloody face – Travis was behind the sabotage, he tells a worried Summer (and Vikki)

Nikki tells Victor that the kids are devastated. Stop this. Why would you wish pain on them? You ALL wished pain and suffering on me! Victor barks. Nikki knows that Victor was always there for the kids, even Adam. You can still be a Father to them even if we aren’t together. Why are you here!? Victor shouts. Nikki just heard from her attorney.

Hilary’s upstairs packing – it’s over, Devon whines. Jack wonders why he didn’t change her mind. Hilary’s alone, she feels deserted and scared. You don’t have a clue what’s going on here. Hilary appears to silence Jack – don’t.

Ian’s in the infirmary to tell Dr Gates that she’s just a means to an end for Victor. I have a heart – just ask Nicole. She’s visiting Victor right now – he’ll always love that incredible woman. She’s a woman a man can’t get out of his system, no matter how hard he tries.

The divorce will be final in two weeks – Nikki knows that bothers Victor. His unwillingness to forgive your family is why she had no choice. I’ll be free as a bird! My conscience will be clear! Yes, you’re as pure as the driven snow! Victor shouts as Nikki storms out.

Luca lies to Vikki, Nick and Summer. He told Travis that no one knew he was coming – but he had to ask if he knew anything about the tampering. Travis got defensive, and when asked about Vikki’s laptop, he threw a punch. Vikki pales – Travis got violent? It doesn’t sound like him. You don’t know him, Summer points out then takes Luca home. Vikki’s left to feel stupid. S’ok, Nick was fooled too. Travis arrives – that’s not how it happened.

Hilary appreciates what Jack’s trying to do – but the marriage is over. Just let me leave. After Jack follows Hilary, Devon feels like an idiot – how many times did I defend her against indefensible things? You loved her, Neil knows.

Paul joins Nikki at the club’s bar. How are you doing? It’s been an eventful day – the divorce will be final in two weeks. Nikki dashed off to see Victor. No, she wasn’t going to drink anything but water. No, seeing Victor didn’t give her second thoughts; quite the opposite. Paul’s happy for Nikki.

Meredith warns Victor that the warden’s suspicious. Don’t worry about him – Victor claimed he’s getting an infection. How was your visit with your wife? Meredith sounds like a jealous teenager.

Now home, Summer fusses over Luca (who feels sorry for Vikki) At least we know Travis is responsible. We do? Summer thinks it weird that Travis conned Vikki and Nick but confessed so quickly to Luca. Are you implying I’m lying? he asks.