Wednesday, June 22nd

Give us your version – make it quick, Vikki snaps. Travis flashes back to Luca accusing him of sabotage – Vikki just needed a warm body, any body. Who knew someone so prim and proper could be such a wildcat? Travis does indeed then punch Luca. Now you know the truth, he tells Vikki.

Vikki can’t believe Travis – you manipulated me the whole time. As Nick watches, Travis points out that what he’s being accused of is criminal and morally reprehensible. What we had was nothing? Every kiss? You think I faked all that? It wasn’t me.

I covered for Vikki while she was off with this guy – while the company was in crisis. I bailed her and the family out and got a fist in the face for it – Luca only wanted to prove himself to the Newman’s and especially Summer. Sorry – she’s not taking Travis’ side but is just surprised and feels bad that Vikki was lied to. It sucks being lied to – not knowing who you can trust. You can trust me, Luca says with sincerity.

Buttoning up his shirt, Victor tells Meredith that Nikki came with baseless accusations and news; their divorce will be final in two weeks. I’ll be free of my marriage.

Oh, everything Victor’s done to Nikki and the kids. You’d think cutting ties would be easy. So sorry, Paul hugs his weepy friend.

Jack catches Hilary on the CL’s patio. Where would you go? Somewhere she can live in peace – for as long as she has left. I’ve made so many mistakes. I won’t stay surrounded by people who hate me. You have me – stay in GC and I’ll stand beside you, Jack vows.

Next: Chelsea watches on as Adam rips a bear apart and shouts at Dylan – Let’s make sure he didn’t put any poison in these stuffed animals. This whole thing is stupid! …. The warden warns Victor – If you’re planning anything I’d advise against it. I’ve told my guards to shoot to kill.

My Thoughts: Does Victor really need Nikki to say he can still be a Father to their kids even if they aren’t together? The ‘kids’ are in their 40’s! And this is hardly the first time their parents have divorced. Nick mostly credits Jack with raising him anyway. And when do these Sunday dinners commence – the ones in which Phyllis and Nick planned to kill Luca with kindness? … If Travis had any brains he’d tell Luca that security cameras caught everything he said (including that Vikki was willing to pay him to leave town because she never wanted to see him again) It’s ridiculous that Vikki would believe a creep she knows has lied, many times – most recently for HER. Doesn’t she wonder why Luca would do that? He has no vested interest in NE – is he even on the payroll? Vikki SHOULD feel like a fool – and so should Summer. How many times is she going to fall for Mr Wrong? Luca is a carbon copy of Austin. You’d think an Abbott-Newman former model would have no difficulty finding a suitable man … Travis is right – what he supposedly did is a crime. A big one. He should tell Nick and Vikki to call the police immediately. If he did what he’s being accused of, there should be plenty of evidence; his prints on her laptop (if that’s even where the breach came from) Is he not remotely interested in finding out who paid off his debts? The Newman’s should have invested in a lie detector for their own personal use. It would have saved everyone a lot of time over the years…. Why do Meredith, Victor, Ian and Adam think they get to decide who testifies at Adam’s trial? Chris could have Meredith subpeonad as a hostile witness if need be. It’s not up to Victor whether he gets to ‘set the record straight’.