Thursday, June 23rd

If Luca’s innocent, he’ll understand, Nick’s sure. Summer stands by her man – he’s trying to prove he’s trustworthy. This is business, not personal, Nick wants Summer to trust her instincts. If you feel anything’s off with Luca, talk to me. Spy? OK, but there won’t be anything for Summer to report. Go have fun, Nick leaves Luca to ask Summer what’s wrong.

Vikki fills Kevin in on the two incidents of sabotage. The man with his name on the building is a suspect. He’d need outside help, Kevin states the obvious. Vikki has a few suspects in mind but doesn’t want to lead Kevin. Here’s access codes to NE’s system. Kevin assures that whoever’s doing this won’t get away with it.

Victor bumps into Dr Gates – would you take another look at my wound? Meredith tells him to make an appointment and clip clops off – leaving the warden to have a word with Victor. You plan to testify at your son’s trial. So’s Ian. The warden wouldn’t let either one out if it were his decision. He’s sending guards along; they’ll shoot to kill (so Victor better not try anything)

Vikki’s at the bar to apologize. She wants to trust Travis but yes, he’s still a suspect. We need to explore every possibility. Vikki’s got a track record of listening to her heart, not her head. The company is her first priority. Travis recognized Luca as slime right away. Vikki knows he’s no saint, but he came back all bloodied. Why did you hit him? He disrespected you, Travis replies.

Over burgers on the rooftop, Luca grumbles about Travis punching him because he was busted. Why isn’t Summer eating? Don’t worry – Travis will be in handcuffs tomorrow. Do you think he’s working alone? Or maybe it wasn’t him? Travis didn’t really confess. Summer’s Dad and Aunt Vikki are investigating. I’m a suspect? Luca lists all he’s done to prove himself – and this is how they thank me?

Victor suggests the warden threaten Ian Ward, not him. Only guilty men run. You bet I’m not guilty. Dr Gates may agree, but you were found guilty in a court of law, the warden points out – and that won’t change. Things DO change, Victor says ominously.

This storage unit was rented by Gabriel Bingham, Chelsea claims. Not according to the dates, Dylan counters. Adam admits renting a storage unit for Sage to put her stuff in after Constance died. He never stepped foot in it. A cop comes down to present a baggie. Why do you have the key? Dylan wonders.

Victor takes a seat – guessing Nick’s there because he didn’t get on his knees to confess to Nikki. Nick has one question for his Father – will you help me?

No one’s above suspicion, not even my grandfather, Summer claims. My loyalty shouldn’t be questioned, Luca’s disappointed – it feels like a personal attack. My word’s not good enough. I’m not good enough. It’s never enough. At least the woman I love sees me for the honest man I am. Over his shoulder, Summer looks worried.