Thursday, June 23rd

Sage and Adam were friends – Sage and I were friends. Maybe Sage left the key here! Chelsea’s frustrated. After the cop takes the bagged key to the station, Mike calms Adam down and takes him aside to ask the truth – are we going to find anything in that storage unit that will compromise the case. Adam’s never been there – it’s gotta be clean.

Mystery woman removes the lock and enters the storage unit to rummage around. Opening a box that contains a framed photo of Adam, she plants whatever it is Victor gave her and exits.

In Vikki’s office, Kevin finds something alarming. No, it can’t be. No. No No. He closes the laptop and runs out.

Travis doesn’t need ice on his knuckles – the only thing that hurts is Vikki not believing in him. You’ve been burned before, Travis guesses – but he didn’t plan for her to walk into his bar and didn’t know why she was until that day at the club. I can’t be wrong again, Vikki leans in for a kiss.

Someone’s sabotaging NE, Nick wonders if Victor’s working with Luca or Travis (which would crush either Summer or Vikki) Victor has nothing nice to say about Luca and doesn’t know the other guy. Nick’s only concern is Summer and Vikki being hurt. Victor points out the irony – you all wanted me to stay out of your lives. If you want to protect your family, do what you accuse me of – interfere – follow in my footsteps.

The only person who could back up Adam’s story is Sage. The cop comes back with another baggie; this time with a vial of what’s likely poison – I guess you have no idea how this got into your storage unit?

Back at CL’s, Kevin confronts Natalie – how long have you been working with Victor?

Next: Go away!!!! Sharon shouts. Mommy, who are you yelling at? Faith comes in the room to ask …. Now you think he’s guilty too? And you want to take him away now? Chelsea pouts at Dylan … Like you’re not trying to shut me out of the picture so you two can have mediocre sex again, Natalie confronts Mariah (who replies – What did you say to me?)

My Thoughts: If I lived in GC, I’d be pedalling security cameras (which are standard in most storage places) Surely the prison has some cameras that have caught the mystery woman (who I still believe/hope to be Chloe) You’d think Meredith or the warden would be interested in who’s coming to see their most popular inmate… And considering Nick and Vikki are supposed to be investigating a very serious oil spill, neither of them seems to be actively doing so. Where’s the press? Where is the public outcry? This should be a PR nightmare,a final nail in the coffin for a company that should have filed Chapter 11 years ago. How would it look to the public if Vikki (who’s already on shaky ground) is found dancing with the man who may have caused an environmental disaster? She may as well have turned the valves on herself… GCPD and it’s forensic team sure are quick. Constance has been dug up – twice, tested and reburied in record speed. There’s going to be nothing left to bury if they keep taking samples. The cops got a warrant and searched Adam’s storage bin rather quickly too. It’s almost like they knew exactly what box to find the poison in. I’d guess it’s the box right beside the knife and tape gun too. Nice that Victor warned his minion to be careful of the ‘lethal’ poison – too bad the cops searching the unit don’t get the same warning. Based on the time it took them, they couldn’t have been too careful…. A special shout out goes to Debi’s kids today. Give your Mom a hug, you got that punks?! 😉