Monday, June 27th

On the rooftop, Hilary retrieves her phone and hangs up (I’ll call you back) Oh how smart, beautiful and rich she is. Lily snarls about Hilary popping out of a birthday cake for Jack. I do look good covered in icing, Hilary quips. Lily will throw a party when Devon kicks her to the curb. Hilary left Devon. Yeah, you broke his heart and are now planning Jack’s party.

At the revolving door, Johnny gives Uncle Jack a hug – and another one for Aunt Phyllis. Billy watches as Jack then joins Phyllis and Ashley (who insists on covering so they can get away) Left with no choice, Phyllis invites Jack to cavort with her at the Abbott cabin, Jack accepts with a kiss (which Billy sees) After Ashley exits, Jack wants to be back for Adam’s trial – and hopes this getaway is something Phyllis really wants.

Also gushing over Johnny, Ashley tells Billy that she gave their big brother the best present ever – a romantic getaway. Billy meets Phyllis’ eyes across the room as Jack’s distracted by a call.

Why would you do that? Summer asks Luca (who basically claims he just questioned Travis’ feelings for Vikki) Things escalated – he punched me. Summer wants clarification – did Travis hit you because of the accusations, or because you said horrible things about my Aunt? Luca maintains that Travis wreaks of guilt. Kevin arrives to say he’s found some red flags but can’t point the finger just yet. Nick arrives to not only say that Kevin knows who did it – but is covering for them.

Mariah updates Sharon that she played it perfectly with the therapist. We need to make these nightmares go away. Sharon sees Sage every time she closes her eyes – it’s got to stop. OK, Mariah suggests she try some of the doctor’s techniques.

Mariah’s first relayed suggestion (hypnosis) is rejected. Meditation and visualizing too. Sharon’s too distracted and nervously looking around for Sage to follow Mariah’s breathing exercise. This isn’t helping. Just leave me alone, she snaps.

Back on the rooftop, Lily accuses Hilary of trying to interfere in Jack’s marriage. Go check out of your room – this family’s done with you. You’re a pathetic, vindictive bitch, Hilary exits. Make sure you tip housekeeping, Lily calls after her. Ashley appears to comment that Hilary does NOT look happy.

Go ahead Kevin – tell them about Natalie, Nick outs Kevin (who admits that he hacked into the prison’s cameras and from the back, Victor’s visitor looks like Natalie) She worked for Dad before, Vikki chimes in – but she double-crossed him. Back and forth it goes. Kevin believes Natalie, Summer doesn’t. Natalie arrives with proof to clear herself. She was hired to do a little digging, after the spill. By who? Billy, Vikki realizes.

Leaving his toddler to play on the club’s stairs, Billy pressures Phyllis to bail out on her plans with Jack. Thinking of them together makes him sick. Don’t go. It’s his birthday, Phyllis thinks Billy’s asking too much.
Leave you alone? Doesn’t Sharon want Mariah’s help? Sharon’s sorry – she appreciates the effort and will try. Mariah has to ask – are you taking your medication. This isn’t a bi-polar episode. Sharon loves her family too much to hurt them again.

Going over Natalie’s evidence, Nick concludes that Mariah was wrong and leaves Luca to say that he and Summer will investigate this mystery woman. After Luca leaves also, Natalie can’t figure Luca and Summer out – he’s a liar and you’re naive. OMG – I just figured it out!

Bringing Johnny to his place for a sleepover, Billy wonders why Vikki’s there. She takes Johnny up to bed – and needs to talk to Billy.

Lily confides Hilary’s plan to throw Jack a party – the woman has no boundaries. Jack and Phyllis are celebrating his birthday at the cabin, Ashley updates. Good, Lily thinks it best Jack stay far away – when Hilary wants something, nothing stands in her way.

Getting Hilary’s message, Jack meets her on the CL’s patio – what’s up? Hilary whines about needing a place to stay. Lily kicked me out. We got into a fight – about you.

It’s silly – Hilary decided to surprise Jack with a party – Lily overheard and blew a gasket. You’re a kind, generous man – if anyone deserves to be celebrated, it’s you. As Hilary takes Jack’s hand, he pulls it away and says that he and Phyllis are going on a getaway.

Phyllis rejoins Ashley as she works on the rooftop. Taking the Bowman file, Phyllis is updated that Ashley told Billy all about their birthday plans. He’s as thrilled for you guys as I am.