Monday, June 27th

After putting Johnny to bed, Vikki wastes little time accusing Billy of being behind the oil spills (listing all his similar schemes, Paragon, Passkey, stealing Brash n Sassy) I’d never try to hurt you, Billy swears.

In NE’s hallway, Kevin wants to make it up to Natalie. He’s sorry. But I did defend you, he whines. Natalie will enjoy letting Kevin make it up to her.

Luca finds Summer investigating on her laptop. It’ll be good to find out who’s undermining Vikki, he says. Yes, it would, a suspicious Summer flashes back to Nick asking her to keep her eyes open; use her instincts.

Nick drops by Sharon’s – and will wait for Dylan to bring Faith back to say good night. When Sharon goes up to tend to Sully, Nick asks Mariah about what Faith overheard. Sharon’s taking her meds, Mariah assures him. Nick goes out when he sees Dylan’s car pull up.

Lily’s not happy when Mariah’s returns to the club. It’s marital property – Devon and I both own it – YOU work for ME. Hilary WILL secure ownership of the club in her settlement. Lily better polish up her resume.

Jack’s on the rooftop to whisk his wife away. Have a wonderful time, Ashley tells him and Phyllis to have fun.

I’m the Father of your kids, Billy shifts the blame to Luca and Vikki’s boyfriend of 10 minutes. Cowboy must be impressive in bed. Vikki’s sorry she accused Billy. Well, you did – let yourself out, Billy goes upstairs.

Next: Mike updates Adam – We have a lead on the person who helped Victor frame you …. You’re willing to accept Billy’s word on anything, Nick scoffs. That’s not true, Vikki argues. Why can’t you get over him? Nick wonders … A furious Billy shoves Travis against the bar at Hank’s.