Tuesday, June 28th

Vikki’s over Billy, just being pragmatic. He only came to mind because Natalie was brought up. Billy and Natalie don’t want anymore Newman drama. Leave our emotions out of it. Dad could just be getting started. Nick agrees – and if Vikki believes Billy, so does he. What next?

Sure she can con Ian, Chelsea will sell this phoney escape plan like her life depends on it (because her life with Adam does) On her way out, Chelsea gives the guard a bowl of fruit and passing Mike as he gets off the elevator, claims that she’s off to Connor’s preschool (and sends him inside to see Adam)

Nearly bursting at the seams with joy, Mike tells Adam that he’s working on a lead to find out who’s helping Victor frame him. And it’s a damn good lead.

Kevin joins Nick at NE to say he hasn’t found out who’s meeting Victor, but Mike has a theory that he’s using this woman to also frame Adam. He killed Constance and he’ll pay for it, Nick disagrees.

In the visiting room, Chelsea tells Ian why she’s there instead of Adam. He’s disappointed she could let this happen (given her field of expertise) He then clarifies – he wants the designer to get him a better suit for court (as Victor will be wearing a tailored suit) After Chelsea agrees, it’s time to discuss Ian’s escape.

As Phyllis sets the table, Jack pours her champagne. She then toasts to the most loving, loyal man she’s ever known; I can count on you – happy birthday. It is now, Jack says – then busies himself unpacking food as Phyllis guzzles her drink.

Travis doesn’t think Vikki can be taken advantage of. Billy mentions his past on Wall Street. Vikki knows and likes me, and I like her too. As Vikki hovers at the door, listening, Travis tells Billy that he just can’t handle that he and Vikki might have something real.

Unintimidated by Billy, Travis approves of Billy wanting to protect his ex and kids, but they aren’t in danger from me. And he’s done defending himself. Listen to yourself – you can move on but she can’t? Vikki arrives to say that’s enough. What are you doing her? she asks Billy.

When Phyllis phone rings, Jack puts both phones in the closet – this is a real escape. Deal, Phyllis agrees. Jack then confesses that he doesn’t want to go on a hike – he wants to lock the door and not leave until they have to. Sounds like bliss doesn’t it? Sure does, Phyllis lies. And as Jack goes to get some music, Phyllis pouts and chugs yet another glass of champagne.

Chelsea shares the escape plan – after Ian testifies that Victor set up Adam, he’ll be taken to the south-west corridor of the courthouse (for transport back to Walworth) She described the ‘janitor’ who’ll take out the guard by injection – then take Ian down a private stairwell. You’ll have 30 seconds to drive to a motel room on the outskirts of town. The ‘janitor’ will remove the handcuffs – Ian’s to take the 5K, passport and plane ticket and get in another car to head to the airport. Any questions? Just one – do you expect me to believe all this? Ian clearly doesn’t.

Showing Adam the footage, Mike asks if she looks familiar at all. She’s been visiting since shortly after Victor was incarcerated. We’ve only got 24 hours to track her down.

Mike’s already received access to the visitor’s log. She signed in as Dorothy Gale. In spite of this new info, it may still come down to Ian’s testimony.

Ian tells Chelsea great performance but you’re lying. Nooo, Chelsea insists she wouldn’t risk losing Adam. He’s innocent and being set up by his own Father. Even if Victor didn’t confess, I know he did it. She tears up – my son could grow up without his Father. Please, help us.!! Now convinced, Ian takes Chelsea’s hand – I had to be sure. I WILL need a better suit.

Nick believes Sage’s diary – it wasn’t tampered with. Kevin hates Adam but believes Mike’s theory. Dad doesn’t want to punish Adam, Nick insists – he loves him; it’s the rest of us Dad wants to punish. He’s NOT framing Adam for murder. Mike arrives to disagree.

This guy’s a liar, Billy hisses at Vikki – don’t bring a guy you know nothing about into our kid’s lives. How much did you know about Bethany? Vikki retorts. You’re crossing the line. It’s insulting that you accuse me of putting our kids in danger. Leave. You heard her, Travis chimes in from behind the bar. Clean the lines – this beer tastes like sewage, is Billy’s parting shot. That was fun, Travis jokes but guesses she still doubts him. No, Vikki now knows that Travis isn’t using her.