Tuesday, June 28th

Jack leads an inebriated and giggling Phyllis over to the couch. Oh, what a good man Jack is – the best. Compared to whom? Victor? We’re all good guys compared to him, Jack jokes. No, no, compared to me, Phyllis says solemnly.

Chelsea returns to Adam with good news – Ian tested me but I passed. He bought the fake escape plan. I pretty much begged him – my fear was real. Adam has some good news of his own – Victor has a mystery visitor; she might be the key. Dylan’s working on it.

Nick thinks Mike’s plan ridiculous – he won’t join Team Adam. Kevin agrees they should work together to beat Victor. Do the right thing.

Vikki’s sorry about Billy but knows why he got in Travis’ face. He can’t stand that I’m falling in love again.

At CL’s, a depressed and pissed off Billy flashes back to pouring his heart out to Phyllis.

I can’t even stand up, Phyllis flops over on the sofa. Don’t beat yourself up, Jack knows they’ll laugh about this one day. Red? He puts a blanket over Phyllis and gives her a gentle kiss – sweet dreams. After he turns the lights out and exits, a suddenly sober Phyllis opens her eyes and exhales in relief.

Next: You don’t see me letting my pending divorce affect my work, Hilary says. Divorce? Neil’s surprised….. Lily isn’t Hilary-bashing. She said she was suing you. She what?! Devon’s alarmed.. What I don’t understand is why you want to stay up here in the cabin without me, Jack frowns at Phyllis.

My Thoughts: I guess someone found the reel with a seldom seen exterior shot of the Abbott cabin, yet another sprawling mansion with a living room the size of a postage stamp. And despite having wall to wall windows and it being a bright, sunny day, the cabin is in complete darkness until Jack turns on a light … No stranger to being incarcerated, does Adam really think Ian’s allowed to receive phone calls anytime? That’s why prisons have pay-phones that only call out. And who’d believe that he’s a family friend of Ian’s? Ian has neither family OR friends … Kevin again proves what an idiot his us – looking at illegally obtained footage of a prison in one of the most public places in town. Of course someone’s bound to catch him. Too bad it wasn’t Chris and Paul. If it was known how easily these ‘security’ systems are hacked into, and that there is no such thing as chain of evidence in GC – it wouldn’t be admissible in court anyway. Perhaps Walworth should have added Passkey to the budget …. Chelsea’s a self-taught frock designer but can’t toast bread with what’s presumably a digital, top of the line Cuisinart? I doubt she’s using one like mine (a Walmart special in which the numbers rub off when you wash it) Wait, what? First – are we expected to believe Adam and Chelsea do something as mundane as watch TV? Do they watch the shopping channel? Are melon ballers a common item on TV? I’d hardly call a melon-baller exciting… Billy has a point; Hank’s isn’t a restaurant, it’s a bar. It says so right on the window. If it’s open, it’s not to early to drink.