Monday, July 4th

Still at the club’s bar, Vikki apologizes again to Billy – she knows he wasn’t behind the oil spills. Let’s do better at moving forward. Billy agrees – we’re family. I’m here for you when you need a friend. Nick and Vikki head back to GCM, leaving Jack to decide he’s going back to the cabin. That’s not a good idea, Billy blurts out.

Yes, Mariah believes Sharon will take her meds. Kevin will tell Dylan if she doesn’t. Maybe she should go into Fairview to get back on track. No, Mariah knows that won’t happen. Sharon will do anything to keep her family together.

Paul understands that Dylan’s frustrated but we must be patient and wait for a break. Don’t let Ian get in your head. On cue, Paul gets a call. Nikki’s car’s been seen driving by a gas station.

When Nick and Vikki return to GCM, Meredith informs that Victor’s having an MRI – he’s not ready for visitors just yet. Running in then out of the room, the guard leaps into action – all units – we have a prisoner missing.

Phyllis is decompressing, Billy’s sure she’s fine – probably sleeping. Yes, he IS protective of Phyllis and she’d do the same for me. You two have developed quite a bond, Jack notes. Billy then gets a news alert – Victor’s on the loose.

As Ian sings about his sweet, sweet money, Victor creeps in. Spotting his old friend, Ian puts a gun to Nikki’s head. Here we go again. Only this time you will die, Victor vows.

Next: Ian’s holding Nikki at the Abbott cabin – we’re on our way there right now, Dylan updates Vikki at GCM. What? No, that’s where my Mom is, Summer whines … Nikki and Phyllis run to the cabin door. No wait, Nikki turns to look at Victor (seated on the sofa. Seems he traded himself as a hostage)

My Thoughts: Why is Dr Gates attending to Victor? Why aren’t the doctors or nurses on staff responding to the monitored apparatus beeping away? And taking him for an MRI. Why would he be ‘just wrapping up’ the MRI in his room? Is Meredith so smitten with Victor that she’s willing to lose her job in the prison to become an inmate in prison?… Oh yeah, Kevin’s a real authority on ‘the right way to handle things’ And how will he know if Sharon’s on her meds or not? Is he going to administer random drug tests? Having almost killed her daughter, Sharon would be an idiot not to start taking her meds. It hasn’t helped get rid of her visions of Sage (who for some reason took a day off today) … Happy 4th of July!!!!!