Tuesday, July 5th

Summer awakens in bed with Luca – who won’t let her check her phone. There’s kissing to be done.

At GCM, Nick and Vikki are frustrated. Still no sign of Mom or Dad (thanks to Meredith giving him a lead) The guard refusing to let them see Dr Gates, Vikki shouts through the door – you’re not doing my Father any favours right now. He could be killed during this manhunt. Do you have any idea what you’ve done!?

Ian knows Victor didn’t bring the cavalry to the cabin (as Phyllis suggests) I’m the only one armed. Shoot me and you won’t get what you want, Victor asks Ian if he wants a deal or what?

When Dylan and Paul burst in to see Meredith, Vikki and Nick follow. Where’s Victor Newman? Paul explains the gravity of her situation – you’ll face obstruction charges and be an accessory to any crimes Victor commits. He might even get shot. Vikki and Dylan know that Victor went to rescue Nikki. He’s not coming back without her, Meredith finally says.

At the club, Jack assures Billy that Victor won’t leave town until he’s found Nikki – he won’t leave her with Ian Ward.

All are tense; Nikki and Phyllis bicker as Victor reiterates to Ian that he won’t get 5 million if he shoots him.

Sex over but still in bed, Summer bristles at Luca’s need to protect her. He knows she’s strong but never wants to see her hurt. Now checking her phone to check in on the family and trial, Summer gets the latest news; My Grandma’s been kidnapped. Ian shot Grandpa. Both are missing!?

Billy mocks Jack for defending Victor. But he’d die for Nikki, Jack knows – just as he would Phyllis. I’d stop you, Billy puzzles Jack.

Paul and Dylan pressure Meredith until she confesses that Ian called Victor – he wants 5 million and gave him a bank account to wire it to. After Nick and Vikki are sent out, Paul demands help. Meredith can’t – she promised Victor. Dylan tries a softer approach – my Mother’s with Ian. Put your feelings for Victor aside and help us save him!

Back at the cabin, Victor tells Ian to stop babbling and put the gun down and he’ll transfer the money. Just a few more keystrokes and the money will be in Ian’s account. But first, Victor wants a hostage released. Phyllis is untied and runs to the door – but refuses to leave without Nikki.

You’re worried about me, Jack guesses – but tells Billy there’s no need to worry about him and Phyllis. Jack wants to make amends to his brother; we’ll always be there for each another. Look at me – I know what’s going on. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? I know about Brash n Sassy. Ashley told me you’re looking for loans. Sure we’ll fight because we want the same thing (in business) but you mean the world to me. Billy looks increasingly guilty.

Back at GCM, Meredith wants assurances that Dylan and Paul will be careful; not just in freeing Nikki, but with Victor. Paul can’t give any reassurance until he knows where they are.