Monday, July 4th

Back at the GCAC bar, Billy yet again tells Jack that he and Vikki are done. Jack suggests they find a way to be friends. Looks like Vikki could use one right now. Billy turns to see Vikki hugging Nick at the revolving door.

No more visitors, Dr Gates prescribes. Victor agrees and thanks Meredith for her kindness – especially considering how upset she is with him. Meredith understands Victor after hearing his chat with his kids. She can see his pain. Not everything Victor has said is true, but she sees his kids are his whole world, even if they have betrayed him. Nikki then calls – I’m with Ian. You need to do exactly as I say.

Wire 5 million dollars into Ian’s account, Nikki asks him to get a pen to take down a number. Meredith hands Victor paper and pen as Nikki reads the number off. Phyllis starts shouting – take these handcuffs off right now!!! I’m claustrophobic! Ian has Phyllis too, Nikki whispers – then gives the rest of the number. Ian grabs the phone – you’ve got 2 hours or that’s the last time you’ll hear sweet Nicole’s voice ~click~

Back at the club, Nick and Vikki update the Abbott brothers. Victor will be OK, but if anything happens to my Mother. Billy holds a crying Vikki.

At CL’s, a frustrated Dylan can’t get anything useful out of the homeless guy – who just wants his coffee now. Unbelievable! Dylan’s pissed – we’re wasting time while my Mother’s life is at stake.

Mariah tells Kevin that Sharon’s haunted by Sage because she was with her when she died. Sharon agrees – she went off her meds hoping it’d end. It’s no wonder I haven’t been myself. It wasn’t the right way to handle things, Kevin realizes he’s probably overstepping – but I can’t unknow what I know. He doesn’t want to lie. What do you want to keep your mouth shut? Both Kev and Mariah are shocked. Kevin demands Sharon go back on her meds so Mariah and the kids are safe – or he’ll tell Dylan everything he heard today.

After Vikki goes to the bar for a drink, Billy follows to hand her a napkin and order two waters. Billy was being a jerk last night – but won’t go as far as apologizing. Vikki’s sorry she accused him of sabotaging her company. We still care what the other thinks, Billy decides.

Across the room, Jack reassures Nick – his money’s on the resourceful Nikki. And Paul and Dylan will bring her home safely. Jack praises the way Nick ran to his Father’s side. Nick kept thinking – this can’t be it. Jack gathers things didn’t go well at the hospital. Victor will make you grovel for forgiveness like he’s the victim. But Jack knows how much he means to Nick and Vikki – and also knows how it feels to lose a Father. Victor loves all of you. Reach out to him – don’t give up.

Ian threatened to kill Nikki? We should call the police, Meredith says. No, Victor knows Ian wants to get even with him. He’ll kill Nikki to spite me if the cops show up. I know what I’m doing – no cops – trust me. Meredith barks out a laugh, then agrees. Is she to transfer the funds? Victor has something else for her to do.

Ian’s sure Victor will find a way to wire the money – the kids or Dr Gates. He’ll brew some coffee and wait for the money to be transferred (which he’ll see online) Nikki hisses at Phyllis – Victor won’t leave us here to die. Phyllis worries Victor will take matters into his own hands and they’ll get caught in the crossfire.

Wheeling Victor out, Meredith tells the guard she’s taking him for an MRI. The guard tags along.

Ian returns to catch Phyllis trying to free themselves (which he finds hysterically funny)

Back at CL’s, Dylan’s even more frustrated. Paul’s having security footage reviews and SWAT out there. Take it easy son. The media’s putting the word out. Stay calm and focused, Paul instructs. How? Dylan feels powerless to save Nikki.

Mariah doesn’t think it fair for Kevin to make demands of Sharon. You’re enabling an addict, Kevin remains on his high horse. You’re protecting her and covering for her. Going off your meds was a bad idea – what if you decided to shoot your hallucination? Kevin insists Sharon go back on her meds. Picking up Sully’s toy, Sharon promises she will and goes up to sleep. That leaves Kevin to wonder if she’s being honest.