Monday, July 4th

From his hospital bed, Victor whines about being humiliated and put in prison by his loving family. I do everything for my family – do you know what it feels like to be abandoned? I testified to save Adam. I tried to save your Mother from that lunatic. Meredith stops eavesdropping as Vikki scolds her Father – it’s not a contest of proving one’s love. It’s embarrassing. I’m going back to prison because of YOU! Admit you’ve been working to sabotage us from prison, Vikki requests. What if I did!? Victor shouts – as Meredith hovers outside.

At the cabin, Ian’s having a jolly ole time as Phyllis and Nikki bicker. Phyllis tells ‘Fred’ that he’ll be found soon; by the police or Jack. Ian sees online that the GCPD have no leads. He plans to hold the ladies hostage for ransom.

At the club, Jack tells Billy that he and Phyllis are solid. Billy thought that with Vikki – until there was nothing left to put back together. Are you saying that’s what will happen to Phyllis and me? Jack scowls.

In another hospital room, Dylan questions Sharon (who goes along with the story Mariah told Dylan) She thought he’d been shot at the courthouse. The doctor gave her some meds for her nerves and Sharon’s fine now.

In the hallway, Mariah tells Kevin all about Sharon seeing Sage and going off her meds. Kevin worries that Sharon might hurt herself or one of the kids. Dylan needs to know. No – you can’t say anything, Mariah stops him.

Mariah and Kevin argue in GCM’s hallway. Dylan should know. No – she can’t tell Dylan everything! Sharon can’t handle it.

After Sharon downplays her hospitalization, Paul updates Dylan in the investigation. They have a homeless guy to question about where Ian may have taken Nikki. After the guys leave, Mariah and Kevin rejoin Sharon. Kevin won’t be ‘brushed off’. He knows about Sage, Mariah alarms her Mom.

Jack’s story’s different than Billy’s – he and Phyllis have worked through their issues to rebuild trust. Jack doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost Phyllis.

Once Ian gets the ransom money, he’ll leave Nikki and Phyllis unharmed. As Phyllis engages Ian, Nikki tries to reach her phone with her foot. Ian chuckles as he picks it up – this’ll come in handy – to call the one person who’ll negotiate with him; Victor.

Nick now lectures Victor – who shouts at them until monitors been and Meredith comes in to send them out with a scolding.

Now at Sharon’s, Kevin tells her what marriage is; being honest and there to help one another. You don’t understand. Then help me understand – why are you seeing Sage? Why are you and Mariah so anxious to keep this from Dylan??