Wednesday, July 6th

You’re unbreakable, like our marriage, Jack relays Billy’s pessimism about their marriage lasting. We’re stronger for all we’ve endured. He’s jealous – sees what we have and wants it for himself. Changing the subject, Phyllis decides it time to get back to work. No more thinking about the cabin, Jack orders. Phyllis agrees.

Nick’s heading off to investigate the oil rig. Summer’s glad – you’ll prove Grandpa didn’t do it. Nick’s not so sure – there’s at least one insider involved. Luca thinks he should go in Nick’s place.

At the bottom of the staircase, flowers still in hand, Devon tells Lily that his marriage is over. Go try again, Lily doesn’t mind losing her job – but the club is her home. Please don’t tell me you’re still in love with Hilary. Jack arrives – wow, those flowers for Hilary? Are things better between you two? Devon will let Hilary update Jack (and walks off) Lily’s not happy when Hilary comes down to meet Jack.

At the bar, Jack tells Hilary that she looks wonderful and encourages her to give Devon a chance. Alas, Hilary only feels pity and disgust for Devon. Jack insists – if he and Phyllis can do it, so can you and Devon. Tired of Lily staring, Hilary takes Jack upstairs.

When Phyllis arrives at Jabot, she’s more than happy to cover so that Ashley and Abby can leave. She’s alone for a nanosecond before Billy walks into the office.

Ashley and Abby politely dismiss Ester so they can talk about Max some more. Bem blames me for what happened to his son, Abby confides.

Luca has as much information as anyone but as a ‘nobody’ he can look around the oil companies, ask questions. Nick WILL go – Luca’s to stay and support Vikki, unless he has a problem with that.

Phyllis isn’t happy that Billy all but gave Jack a heads up that she was planning to end the marriage. You’re not leaving him to be with me? Billy frowns.

On the rooftop, Hilary wonders if Jack’s afraid to be alone in her suite. Jack doesn’t want to give Lily more ammo – let’s get to the work of helping people. When Hilary swoons, Jack wonders if he should call Neville – what are you feeling? I feel like…. this – Hilary wraps her arms around Jack and gives him a kiss.

Jack extricates himself – sorry if I sent the wrong signals. Hilary blames Neville’s treatment – she wouldn’t jeopardize their friendship. Jack wants Hilary to protect her marriage. Hers is over, but she respects Jack’s with Phyllis. This won’t happen again. Jack agrees – and leaves Hilary to smirk.

Abby thought finding a facility for Max near GC would put her and Ben back on track. You’re the victim, Ben knows that. Max doesn’t remember. Ashley thinks Ben might feel guilty for not listening to Abby – but he doesn’t blame you. Both Max and the marriage will survive this.

Luca has no problem staying behind to support Summer and Vikki. One of Newman’s petroleum partners some reassurance – should I take the meeting or stay out of it? Nick agrees – but don’t tell anyone about my trip. Now alone, Summer wonders if Nick doesn’t want Luca to handle the refinery. He was just about to ask her the same thing.

Back at Jabot, Phyllis’ experience has made her realize that what she and Jack share is real. But you risked it to be with me – you said you love ME, Billy says THAT is real. When you’re with me, you don’t think about anyone else. Phyllis needs time to think about her decision. As Billy agrees,Jack barges in – I could hear you down the hall – what’s Billy so worked up about?

Billy’s not worked up, his voice carries. He came to see Ashley and is surprised to see that Phyllis is back to work. She’s tough, Jack will tell Ash that Billy was here. Don’t rush into anything, take your time – Billy addresses Phyllis. I never do, she replies. After Billy leaves, Jack can tell they’re both off. Tell me what really happened between you two.

At the bar, Hilary assures Lily that she’ll lead a long life and get everything she has coming to her (including the club) Lily disagrees – the club belongs to Devon and Jack belongs to Phyllis. Drink up.

On the CL’s patio, Devon could really use Kay’s advice. Ester’s no Mrs C but offers to listen. Devon’s ashamed he hasn’t used Kay’s money to make the world a better place. Ester thinks Mrs C would say that Devon’s learning a lesson – money brings out the best and worst in people. How you use it is up to you. Devon gives Ester a flower Lily had tucked into his pocket earlier.

Inside, Ashley continues to give Abby a pep talk. Make sure Ben knows you’re not giving up. On cue, Ben calls – and Abby gets butterflies.