Wednesday, July 6th

Behind Victor’s desk, Nick has to hand it to his Dad – going from escaped convict to hero in mere hours. Summer arrives to say her Grandpa’s not some dangerous criminal. Ian is and back in a cell, Luca adds. Nick updates that Vikki’s with her Mom. Reminding that Adam was released due to his heroics, Nick thinks it might word for Victor too – it couldn’t have worked better if he planned it.

Victor Newman to the rescue, Ester reads the headline over Billy’s shoulder and launches into theatrics – thank God for Victor. She then blathers on about poor Jack – his wife trapped in another man’s hands and nothing he could do about it.

Phyllis awakens in bed to find Jack watching over her. He assumes she tossed and turned due to dreams about what happened at the cabin. Yes, she flashes back to making love to Billy there. Nothing like that will ever happen again, Jack assures with a hug.

Leaving Jack a message, Hilary assumes it’s him at the door (you just can’t stay away) She’s not impressed by Devon or his flowers. He’ll be there to give her whatever she needs. What makes you think I need you? Hilary snarls.

At Jabot, Abby tells her Mom that Victor wasn’t allowed visitors when she stopped by GCM. Is Max on his way home? Ashley asks. That’s not going to happen, Abby says.

Max came through the surgery OK but then suffered seizures that impaired his memory and motor skills. The doctors can’t promise anything. Abby feels like she’s lost two children; her baby and Ben’s son. Ashley gives her a hug.

Devon wants to help Hilary. Save it – your help comes with strings. You think I’m a horrible person because I fight for what I want. If I have leverage, I use it. Devon’s doesn’t want to change Hilary. It has nothing to do with wanting to hang onto his money. Devon wants Hilary to lean on him – she will get through this like she did everything else; on her own. Get out! Devon and his flowers are shoved through the door.

If the review board doesn’t see Victor for the hero he is, Summer will go down and tell them. Things will get messy if he’s released (Nick expects vengeance)

Ester doesn’t know if Adam killed Constance, but he did take Delia’s life. The Newmans always will (both she and Billy expect Adam and Victor to walk free) Ester thinks Nikki deserves better. You’re a wise woman, Billy leaves her puzzled.